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Loads of friends at Christmas and the other no print. Harry Potter y'all child crime. Then no not too much, really. Because a lot of children. Do I've read. According to evolutionary biologist David Hake. This might be to stop the parents from procreating and having another baby. Which kind of makes sense if you think evolutionary doesn't it? Yeah. I read about this. They do it at night, particularly the idea of like late nurse feeding the mum. So that if you were about to go, okay? Let's let's get down the baby would stop you. Is that the baby then gets more resources because it doesn't have to share it with those brothers and sisters, which means in theory, they should do better in life, which means eight should reproduce more. And then, but doesn't also breastfeeding actors contraceptive, so if you're exclusively breastfeeding as a woman, you tend not to have periods is that right? Meaning that you can become pregnant, right? So the more the child cries him once breastfeeding the less chance there is another child will be born. So it's working double efforts stopping the actual sex. And then even if the actual sex is happening. It's still not like a human contraceptive problem. It's obviously not working is it. So these genius babies of mailing. The best thing. Maybe it another million years to, you know, make Justice belts. One of you is saying that parents don't intend to just favorite one cupid loads of presence paw that was one parent who lit treated exactly that. So do you guys know about evil in wars died? So even what an older brother could Alec and his dot absolutely loved Alec. And absolutely hated even in war. So all the way through their life. If even were wanted anything his dad got it for his brother. So even us for a bike his dad, but one frolic instead Alec once forbids table, and so even we'll had was a child at the time he played in his nursery and the dodgers dumped two bids table in this room that he was supposed to play in. He wants said when Alec father his first son, then even was dad said to the sun, I've only ever loved three people in my life, or I've had three great loves in my life. And my mother, my wife and your father. Furrowed eveland. But even wall was also mean to his children wasn't he we we we've done the banana story before haven't we which is that. There was lots of rationing in the wall and even more had children and with a special thing where bananas were distributed because they they had not been easy to come by during the wall. And so, you know, you will get basically banana per child, and even we'll saddest three children down in front of him and proceeded to eat all three bananas. I think with a knife from before he pulled cream over them. So did he just hate them? Or? That must maybe he was teaching them some less than that, we cut quite comprehend at this time. Tell me how. Test question for you guns. Yes. The company Kellogs who's it named after John Kellogg, John John Kellogg? Incorrect. John Harvey Kellogg is the guy that we've talked about before he bought he was sort of an inventor. He thought everyone hunt to eat oats, stop masturbating stuff like that. Again, who rules a Kellogg academy? So he's a famous one I think that people know about John Harvey Kellogg, but Kelloggs cornflakes Kellogg company was founded invented in named after his brother. And so he joins John Harvey Kellogg had a younger brother called will. And John was is really flamboyant really outgoing. The hate it. They were polar opposite. They were on. Did it say? Big baller vote. No name. I serious. Way get this back on track serious bribery. Oh my God. Will was opposite of John Harvey not very fun boy in like hardly set..

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