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Figure out what her connection walls but most people have said she was just a local doctor she was just friends with guy and it's not really significant she's just someone you can forget about but ed says sherman was actually one of america's leading cancer experts she was right at the top of her field and yet she's hanging out in this guy's clandestine lab and he's apartment yet she was an associate professor at this prominent medical school engaged in monkey var serie such she was the director of a cancel laboratory at an internationally famous medical clinic she was chairman of the pathology committee of one of the most elite medical societies in america this just wasn't some general practitioner dr know she was one of the greatest minds in the country so in this part of the story ed stunk to pull this together and remember this part of the story he's like seventeen he's started college and this is life the vietnam war had just started hating up and he ended up dropping out of college and hiking around the country so it was too crazy just wanted to get away and he tried to forget about mary sherman's murder and tried to pull this behind him and just move on with his life and onis travels he actually developed a love of writing and when he finally returned to new elaine's he suddenly thought you know what that mary shum and murder that might actually make a good screenplay so we started to look into it again and he to kind of do this crazy screenplay he wanted to get the police report so we can get all the details on the modem so he called an old family friend he's name was big mike and she worked in the new orleans parish district attorney.

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