Justice Cavanaugh, President Trump, Cobb discussed on Sean Hannity


Crash in the right lane at the Cobb. Right. But more I seventy five exit number twenty. I do love link racheted. He's brings four hundred thousand Hamid drive getting seventy five eighty five four hundred twenty northbound delays to Parkway four hundred North Slope around Lennox road, only free athletic constructed a right lane in each direction. Clermont connected. How has the media gotten away with Russian lie after Russian lie? And this breathless hysterical day by day. Turns out not to be true. Everyone's scared to death. Now CNN is backtracking. Well, you may not be what you expect. The Muller report, by the way, if it's handed over to the next week. You're not going to hear any details. When the president's me at Phnom, which is where we're going to be. With the president woven interview with the president, my wife, they were doing radio and TV. Same as usual, except it's three AM out there. Why? This is what I love about what Lynnwood is doing. Finally, somebody is going to kick their ass for the smears, the slander, the besmirchment the character assassination that they get away with regularly. They lie constantly journalism is dead. Their an extension of all things radical left democratic socialist. And all things that a mob sickness all things hating Trump interesting that the Covington kid thing happens. It's interesting what they do to Justice Cavanaugh. It's interesting that by the way, I agree with small. It's attorney that he he enjoys the presumption of innocence and due process, totally agree with that. I'm saying is is those videos of those guys and their testimony, obviously was enough to get him indicted. I think he's in huge trouble. We'll continue. Breaking news. I I this is w SP twenty four hour continuing news three thirty. I'm Chris Chandler live and they WSB twenty four hour news center, and breaking from Chicago jussie.

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