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Hammer I would think so wouldn't you I don't see why it wouldn't be at all you have to do is go to W. C. C. O. night when you go to radio dot com as that app up so when you're in Miami at the Superbowl you can have right there on your telephone which I think you already do anyway I do have a my phone I will be checking that one down there that's right you do a little work while you're down there that's exciting news by the way we were talking earlier about the Stone Temple Pilots are brought up because you're supposed to be coming to town that guy is saying in right there Jeff injured his back herniated discussed of surgery that to cancel a counselor his a tour like vat so they'll be back apparently with nickel back when they come to the Xcel energy center Saint Paul in August six is my understanding so right now the date still stands well for safer cover for Jeff yeah yeah the herniated disc hurting herniated disc like you know I've served very often yeah the death of the half anyway you know so anyway he will not be here the Grammys last night did you catch any of that I did not I went to bed right about six thirty Billy Irish VA winner last night she was a she was the one I that I've played this earlier let me see if I can find that again I want to mention this because last night occurs Grammy Award usually have this big old thing and you never know what to expect and this is how to open with the host Alicia keys right now Kobe and his daughters Jana and all of those that are that have been tragically lost today are in a spirit they're in our hearts and our prayers they're in this building and I would like to ask everybody to take a moment and just hold them inside if you hold them inside of you and share our strength and our support with their families we never imagined in a million years we have to start the show like this never never never never never never so we wanted to do something that could describe the tiny bit how we all feel right now before of the event a yesterday and I don't know of either when you guys were watching the red carpet but before the show kicked off Ozzy Osborne made his first major red carpet appearance following his revelation last week that he's suffering from Parkinson's disease he seventy one night it came with a dollar Kelly was with salt Liz got the party started in true glam glory of performing a medley of our hits L. casually hopping on the flute is she said tonight is for Colby image when right into the music and boys to men came out saying it's so hard to get by with Alicia keys last night that was pretty motivating did you see our who was it down that wanted that came out and sang are can be looking fellow did you see that performance you the one the last night what was the EE tough day day because you're a dad of a daughter I'm a dad of two daughters and to see the Kobe news and then follow that up with the song that committee Kobe did for her father talking about the love of the father for a daughter if that brought tears to my eyes all right well I mean the whole place did you see the cut away to Gwen Stefani I'm not crying you're crying no once the funny was just wiping away the tears it was really quite a moment she came down the steps as she was singing her song and I don't think anybody knew it out so maybe the people in the audience that numbers are down the front row but they were shown the videos of which is a little girl well here's the really something last night I just so happen to be going through you know part my cleaning regimen here is going through all video tapes because I'm gonna use our friends at a sound to get some of these old tapes put on two DVDs or whatever and then that thing comes on the Grammys and I again had tears in my eyes there's a lot of stuff going on in the show last night and Billy I wish in the at the end of the night was the biggest winner and then she was I mean she swept the show album of the year record of the year best new artist song of the year best pop vocal album best engineered album or brother one producer of the year and allegedly that are done in their house right so when ginger is when she was seventeen of course now she's already eighteen so she's getting up there so that was really itching Liz of course as we mentioned Minneapolis if you're here in the Twin Cities Minneapolis St Paul you and follow the music scene you pretty well knew about listenable for body else did and and last night she just got all I mean she was just recognize left and right was great to see that for her as well so really a fun night for Alisal to get there but a sad night at the same time it is a seven fifteen at WCCO here on.

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