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In forbes from 2013 her mood guy london matter what his name is he but he is a a i'm a conservative and he writes about economics and he his cut he had a column on forbes who went viral and a three hundred sixty thousand views in tons of of comments this is in twenty thirteen and what it was getting from the left was he he was called a as as psychopath a sociopath is sick bastard a legion the rear end of humanity he was threatened you better watch your effion back when you leave your house matter of fact i'm pretty sure you won't be safe inside your house either another when i can already hear the calls of off with his head another one there'll be a rope and a lamp post waiting for you this is in 2013 from the left over a column in which the author call for two things a person's right to what he's earned in the free market in honoring the great wealth creators for what they have given the country in for saying that in 2013 la brock obama was president and trump was even a thought other they're threatening this guy would lynching and really it goes on right to this very day even after the shooting at the at the baseball field in in alexandria nancy pelosi again number eight i think a lot of vitriol on invective i mean one one of the people that want to jail for threats to me eventually when they finally found him because he was very resourceful hiding when he was being tried his mother said he just watch as too much fox tv as he gay he leads all leads all hold hands seen kubai rigobert red cells of our negative thoughts in our hateful language and blame fox does anybody else to blame that republican mark sanford is really helpful here number 13 i would argue that the president has and leased is partially again not in way totally but parsley to blame for demons it had been leave the fact that you know you've got the top guy san will i wish i could hit you in the face of that why don't you and i'll pay your league egal fees that bizarre we ought to call it as such i you know what i think it's bizarre.

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