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I wanna be forward all the time. So i'm looking for jockeys that had that sense in our mind. And i wanna be four because trips me everything to me. So that's why. I played horses that i think we're going to be four. And that's why i respect v. So much because now it's gonna ask doesn't that conflict a little bit with your admiration for iran ortiz. Because he is a guy who doesn't particularly like to be forward. I would say that's my opinion. Do you differ on that. Or is he somebody who's just so good at what he does or able to get past. That help does he. I'm being come on right right. He he's not afford guy but he's so talented just so talented. And you can't dismiss that kind of talent. You just can't no i agree. I think we saw him pay some big crisis towards the end of saratoga in turf routes and it was just unbelievable to me that he would ever go off those kind of prices but it is an interesting conversation. The hat because as much as i appreciate iran what a great writer he when i see him on a speed speed horse in at third sprint. I want no parts of them That is something we hope to add to time form. Us wanted these days jockey like we trainers that are broken down. More specifically than your typical win percentage our ally so hopefully. That's something that's coming soon. I know it's in the works. And i would imagine that would be something you depreciate as well i would love that great but yeah it's been in the works for a while i'm not involved in it. Some other people are cova. D- kinda set us back a little bit as most of the world so But they are coming. I can promise you that that said one more race to cover here on this time for. Us forecast in this one. We're going to go back to one turn. It's a six and a half furlongs..

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