Feeding America, Katie Fitzgerald, Vice President And Ceo discussed on Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough


The Corona virus pandemic has led to rising food and security across the country this year, according to Feeding America about 54 million people nationwide will not have adequate access. Nutritious food during the pandemic. Vice president and CEO of Feeding America Katie Fitzgerald tells Fox News. A pandemic is hitting many different people and many walks of life. Yeah, You know, it's sad, Steve. I wish I could say that. We think the situation is getting better. But it's really getting worse. As you said the feeding America Network of Food Banks are consistently reporting on average of 60% increase in the number of people seeking assistance and foreign 10 of those people that show up it lying, say she just talked about have never had to seek this kind of assistance before it Zoe really scary experience for people who Wanna be working and providing for their families and really struggling right now, Fitzgerald continues. The bad news is, it is relentless. We have seen a consistent on average 60% increase in people seeking food assistance all across this country. It's affecting every county in the United States, including rural counties that are particularly hard hit like those around me here in Oklahoma. On the good news is there are a lot of things that people could do right now to help with this situation for us A radio news I'm Timberg. We in America should be grateful to God for the blessings he's given us. Don't let anyone tell you. America's best days are behind her way have got to fight for this nation because I believe with all my heart. This nation is, in fact, one nation under God. Welcome back 16 363 11 10 16 363 11 10 our borders full We will stay with phones. It is rapid fire Friday, so we try to move as quickly as we can. We don't been doing a pretty good job. In doing that. So We were all over the country today. Taking Kansas, Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Oregon, Montana. Florida. You've got Texas and Louisiana on the line. That's great. That is really, really good. Hey, listen, Somebody is mentioning to me here that Dan our monthly Donations. You know, So one of our goals on it still is, though I Fool that I am. Don't talk about it like I should. But, um You know, we we would love people to come alongside us to help us stay steadfast in the battles in so many ways. And One of it one of the ways you could do that is $20 a month. Way have people that give all amounts. From $5 on up and some of my very large Some of them are small, but all of them are going to be Matched. Somebody's asking me that And that's that's been, you know, pecking away at our Match, so Just Just so you know, Sure, somebody somebody asked me that and I wanted to Point that out. And our match will last for the rest of the month. Fortunately or unfortunately, Manson what's how you're looking at it, so I don't think it all. I'm hoping that it doesn't make it for the whole month. So we'll look at it. I've had some folks add to it. Over the last week, and we're so grateful for that. Add to the match. In other words, commit to, uh um Gifting so many funds for those that match, so that's been good, and that's been a help. But hopefully Aziz you begin to think of your year and we did all of our year and giving a little bit early this year was actually before Thanksgiving. Because we're expecting a very busy time this December for because of a number of different situations, so we didn't want it to get lost..

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