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It is twenty eight degrees today, mostly sunny to partly cloudy, a high of thirty two from the WTMJ breaking news center. I'm Barry Nelson. President Trump is spending Christmas Eve at the White House canceling his plans to travel the mar-a-lago because of the government shutdown, but that hasn't stopped him from tweeting at the top of his mind, the border ABC's. Lana Zak, President Trump began his Christmas Eve tweeting about the border wall and his ongoing conflict with Democrats writing virtually every democrat, we're dealing with today strongly supported a border wall or fence. It was only when I made it an important part of my campaign that they turned against it. Democrats have called the wall ineffective saying that they support other border security efforts like technology updates. Lana Zak ABC news, the White House. A former political professor doesn't think shutting down the government is the solution. How you run a first class stations government? Professor emeritus Wayne young tells WTMJ's Mark secrets the shutdown is nothing new. That's not good. This is developed over the last twenty years young says the while funding or lack thereof as a political leverage for lawmakers. And even the president. He's in the position now that he has an issue to run on his reelection. He can say the Democrats, the Democrats can say this crazy border wall, we stopped. It's only WTMJ news. This Sheboygan police department is leading the investigation into the death of a thirty seven year old man who died while in custody of the final act police. Officers arrested the man around nine pm Sunday night following a traffic. Stop the man who is currently out on bail was taken into custody without incident while on the back of the squad car he began to show signs of distress. An ambulance was called and he was transported to a nearby hospital. Where he was later pronounced dead. The cause of death is under investigation, pending. Autopsy results.

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