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Down spiced my husband's gone. Lost her house. This is James O'Connor. He said Teacher Momma how to run the farm. Minutes out in the barn. Red Structure Outback. Hot farmer hemp. He's the reason we come here. We go watch like the lost husband. The Lost Does justice new GIG Post Ball. CODA dumol Lindsey. I will accept you mispronouncing any other word but Dumol you gotta get. Right you gotta get it right What happened to Josh Dumas in North Dakota. Though what happened? WHO's not who's better who they have now if you do, you think he showed like more allegiance to South Dakota North Dakota got pissed they were like. Insurgent. South Dakota I bet they're very sensitive the Dakota. Next call this is so where we're wait hold on hold on hold on in two. Sorry. But in two thousand, nineteen, December thirty, first two, thousand, nineteen, the AP reported that Josh Do Dumol got a new contract to promote North Dakota in two thousand one into the nineteen December two, thousand, nineteen, he got a new contract. So the I guess the contract that wasn't that long ago, but it says the contract extension while there's to my first of all, you can tell his weird because there's too much information. It says, North Dakota's tourism department confirmed Tuesday to the Associated Press at the star of several transformers movie will be paid hundred, seventy, five, thousand dollars to. Be the face of the state's tourism campaign. For the next two years they've had contract doesn't thirteen the contract extension that expires December. Thirteenth two, thousand, twenty one he doesn't twenty that may be true. But according to this caller, we have some allegations that this contract is no longer valid. So I'm well the the Goss's the Goss's hot this the tea is steaming and it seems like somebody broke their contract seems like it seems like we don't know maybe maybe maybe it was a one time deal maybe it's one commercial shoot that he was unavailable for maybe just pissed this person off, but he still under contract I duNno, he pissed off the whole damn state perhaps. We don't know what happened, but I will say I'm Nama Little Numb US questions for moving onto questions moving into questions. Even though your morning or evening routine may have changed the past few months things have changed a lot of things about our lives. What should not be changing or just should stick around you and your routine, your oral care routine what you what you do overnight you brushing your teeth reliable thing you brush your teeth and morning at night and sometimes in the middle of the day that part of the day right routines are good. You know the best part about what? I do what I brush my teeth floss mouthwash whatever is that I don't even need to worry about having those tools on hand because i. Get them delivered to me with quip, right? It's like the best makes it easy. It becomes literally right to my door seventy, five percent of US use old worn out bristles at are ineffective and even more people forget to loss daily, which is which was annot. That's a no no, it's a no and see because good health starts with good habits quit makes it easy by delivering all the oral care central's you need to brush your teeth and floss better the electric toothbrush.

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