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His court hearing is this afternoon. It's called a ten day hearing something that happens in juvenile court. The judge does not have to grant a bond reduction. The teen is also a suspect in two sexual assaults in boulder city, Louisiana LP Phillips, News Radio ten eighty KRLD in Fort Worth police arrest. The man whom they say attacked an eighty three year old woman at home. Thaddeus? Clay walked right into Suzy Ultimas home last Monday morning near Fort Worth west seventh area. She and her husband were waiting on his hospice nurse to arrive and had left the door unlocked, while police say clay just knocked Alam muddles out of her wheelchair and stole her cell phone. She had called her son for help. But before he got there clay had stolen a truck and got away. Police say some great tips on social media led to clay's arrest is charged with aggravated robbery and motor vehicle theft. North Texas mental healthcare system is under indictment in Tehran. County and it's closed its doors Sundance behavioral healthcare system is accused of holding patients either against their will or beyond the statutory limit. When the first of the twenty counts came down last month, the hospital stopped accepting new patients at its three facilities today. The last of the remaining patients were discharged in the normal course of treatment and Sundance turned in its license to the State Department of health and human services supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is recovering after surgery to remove cancerous tumors from her lungs, Dr Steven broaddrick at Johns Hopkins, University medical center is familiar with the procedure and says Ginsburg should be able to bounce back on once how pre-operative level of fitness is crucial to recovery and the better shape that someone is in coming into an operation such as this portends a easier and faster recovery. This is Ginsberg's third bout with cancer since she joined the court in. One thousand nine hundred three the supreme court is blocking President Trump's effort to enforce a pan on asylum seekers who crossed the border illegally the court's order leaves in place, lower court, rulings that blocked the president's proclamation last month that would automatically deny asylum. The people who enter the country for Mexico without going through official border checkpoints. The administration said the order was in response to caravans of migrants making their way to the border CBS Bill Rakoff says a lower court judge had ruled the President Trump's proposed band conflicted with an immigration law which says immigrants can apply for asylum, regardless of how they entered the US just hours to go until the midnight deadline for a partial government shutdown the latest at three thirty three CBS news update. It's countdown to shutdown. It's possible that we'll have a shutdown. I would say the chances are probably very good because I don't think Democrats. Care so much about maybe this issue, President Trump digging in his heels on that border wall funding, which did pass in the house version of a continuing resolution, not likely to get sixty votes in the Senate, Virginia Democrat, Tim Kaine. There's only one person United.

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