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Signature in your EEG. That is predictive if you'll notice go lending is stage two and sleep spindles both of which seemed to have this bizarre sort of you know, coincidental spike right around this developmental phase of crawling standing walking so many things going on during the development. I'm I mean, it's just it's so fascinating there for sure language too. I mean when we've looked at this as well with teaching adults foreign languages, or even actually just mathematical languages or oughta fischel, grandma sleep is a huge component in that. But they also saw this fascinating thing with development, which was about not just concrete lending of individual facts. But the generalization of knowledge, so this is sort of the thing that I think separates us from computers. At least for now, which is that computers. Very good storing individual bytes of information in a way, very clearly, and we can do that to storing individual facts, but what computers don't do which is what we do is intelligently integrates an associate them together. So that we can extract overarching patterns and schemers and statistical rules about this thing called the world in which we live. And yes, I was just going to say that you can with infants you can teach them just these novel sounds, but an each one of these strings of sounds is unique and different. But there's something common about the grammar. That is binding an overarching across all of them. There is an overarching schema that you could learn in addition to each one of the individual facts after they've had a nap versus an infant that has not had a nap post nap, the infants have extracted and undestood the generalized rules of what they've been lending, not just the individual facts, whereas infants that have learned, but haven't napped have not sort of made the abstraction so mind being a nap Nathi, I've I should be rewarded for that. Right. Absolutely. And it stays from infancy all the way through to adulthood, if you napping, I'm not gonna well. There's a few double edged sword aspects of now. So I wanted to ask you a question you're talking about basically being able to connect the dots. You know, how how that's different differentiates us from what what a computer can do. I mean, one of the things. But is there a certain I remember reading in your book? And this is probably the part of the book that I was more skimming, you know, like now is the the the importance of Remm sleep and dreaming and creativity is that connecting because I feel like connecting the dots is some some, you know, require some creative thought to be able to kind of like put things together and come up with the big picture idea picking out. So is it known as Remm sleep important for that? Yeah. It does seem to be. So if there is so I mean, we could take a step back and think about how to sleep achieve memory processing..

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