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M I'm Steve Berg friend. I know that there's still another bunch that is completely anxious and is wanting to take a serious pause. There are others who are just hesitant. Including some health care workers. I encourage people to look to the FDA and the advisory Committee on Immunization practices so that we can get all the information I d ph will be putting out will continue to put out information about this vaccine as well working with various community groups to make sure that everyone has the information they need to make an informed decision that's doctor and goes. Daisy K. The director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Talking about those who Might be concerned about getting the vaccine for covert 19. We talked about the fact that it's already being distributed in the UK earlier today, talking to MP Steve Brian. On Chicago's afternoon news coming up on the program, Terry Savage will be here. Jeremy Gantz, also contributing editor for the Center for Illinois Politics to a look behind what he calls Illinois's blue facade. The growing readiness it really is that you know, we kind of joke about the fact that there's this movement to succeed by some parts of the state away from Chicago, but we really are becoming Uh, much more divided than we used to. A lot of areas that went blue 10 20 years ago are now deep, deep red, So we'll talk to Jeremy Dance about his piece there. Any insurers well will be along. A little bit later, I put no Apple is out with their new headphones. And Ashley, you could get a pair for $550.0 the new ones that were actually featuring that tonight in our tech segment, so actually gets this year she is a with news nation and national correspondent. So did you get a chance to try them out? No, I have the old ones. And now I don't think they're working because I haven't cleaned them in a while. So I may need to do pair those You have airpods? Ay, Dios and you can hear. Do they work Well for you. They, Diogo. Um I like them. Okay? I wish I could use them here to talk to you. Stay that be cool. We'll work on that. Engineers can do almost anything. We'll get right on that. CBS is hiring doctors or who are they? Hiring here is we get ready for you? Expand these vaccinations. Yeah, That's right. They're hiring nurses, pharmacists, even pharmacy techs. Even some pharmacy interns. They really need all hands on right. I know this is going to be so put that on your tag pharmacy. Internal Pharmacy. Interns are welcome, but you could actually go to the CBS Jobs website and see The jobs that are available in your community. They have the priority markets. Those are states like Missouri, Oklahoma, Vermont, Alaska. Illinois is not on there for some reason, but Thies air workers who will be going into these long term care facilities. When the vaccine is available. They'll also be eligible for hero pay, and it's not. It's not that hard to give yourself a shot. Regular people do it all the time, right? Well, No, they do. Um, yeah, but I mean, you know, if you have diabetes, you have other reasons to give yourself a shot. That's exactly it's not too unusual. But these pharmacists, you know, they will be giving the best care and guidance to everyone. And you know, this really is one big mission and It's going to take an army of people. Yeah, it really is. I get my vaccination from a pharmacy assistant, wouldn't you? I think I would You know, One of my friends is a farm assistant. You know, she's given me the flu shot in the past and Um, yeah, It's just it's efficient. It's also convenient as well. If you're in the grocery store, um a lot of retailers also hiring pharmacists right now, so it's not just CBS give myself the flu shot every year. Who Really? Yeah, I trust I feel more comfortable doing it myself. You know, whatever works for you kind of hard to reach around, but it works. Um American airlines expanding. It's a pre flight testing as well. How does this work? So you get a test and then you know, Once you've gotten to the airport on, you're waiting for your flight. Whether or not you're positive, right? We talked about these at home tests, but this is one that you purchase through the airline and this will be available starting tomorrow for all travelers here in the U. S in Puerto Rico. So it is a service that will cost you. Those kits are about $130. But at the Dallas Fort Worth airport, which is a hub for American, you can actually get that in person test. On def You test positive course you cannot. Get on the flight rights. That's a tough thing If you're feeling okay. What Obama right, right. I don't know, Would you? I don't know if I would do it. I hate to say that, but I don't think if I'm feeling fine, I don't think I'm going to get a test, You know, makes you wonder how many people will We'll take this extra step. And then if you do test positive, you do have to wait another 14 days to re book. And, of course, if you you would want to know. So that's the other side of it. Yeah, I don't know. Uh, I think about it, so I'm not flying anywhere until Anyway. For a few weeks Now I have no home for the holidays. I guess. This year you got that, right? Actually catch the national correspondent for News Nation. Thanks, actually,.

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