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The Munsters you remember Butch Patrick he played the son Eddie Munster on the show he met car customizer George Barris a young age because Buhari's built the original Munster coach and the triangular Patrick has perhaps the greatest Munster story ever that happened on the set with practical joker the late Fred Gwynne who played Herman Munster behind the wheel of the Munster coach play the afternoon board for the Munster mansion L. street the this is losing our light take the car out to right around him back we will do it again for safety register the car will let the shot he continues he goes past the make of the party goes down out the front gate full of art there's enough gas in the car to get back with the brakes Marshall make full make up and we yeah it's like you go down the street hang around at the Hollywood Bowl come back every twenty minutes we come back this is the director of the guard's going about this this he's got like a little we don't have lights of the car and we come back it is the smileys beaming because he's a practical joker because yelling at him yeah key code where is it ever happened I don't know how it happened most of the rest of our interview.

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