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So they've got the expertise. They've got the know how to make it count. And if Red Bull drops the ball a little bit then there'll be that profit. Obviously, on paper, yeah, it should suit Red Bull, but Mercedes has done it all before. So we'll have to wait and see. It's exciting though, isn't it? It's very exciting. I mean, we are literally getting down to the wire with this. And max is still so cool and calm and collected about it or even though, you know, everyone else is sort of saying, you know, it's really the momentum is really getting behind you and it's just so level headed about it, which does make it even more exciting. I am intrigued to see how the next few races unfold, as you said, Mercedes have done this, it's not the first time. But it's getting close. It's getting very, very close, and it's exciting for us. Let's move further down the field though. To Pierre gasly, who finished an excellent fourth, sort of a lonely race for him. I feel like we have this conversation about Pierre a lot. So we're not going to dwell on it too much, but once again, just solid and consistent and really there's nothing negative really to say about him, is he? He's just doing what he needs to do, but, you know, as we know the future wise, which I know is a controversial topic, some people are like, you know, keep them in Alfa tauri. That's why he's doing well. But a lot of people are saying his performance and his consistency warrants a better seat. What did you make of his weekend Jess will come to you fast? Yeah, I mean, it's kind of bad that we're just kind of getting used to Pierre gasly putting in these amazing performances, but not really having too much to show for it other than obviously a great point hall for alpha Tori, his teammate DNF aside. But on his side of the garage, it's looking it's looking great. I mean, the pace that he had today was incredible. You know, the Ferraris were saying they just couldn't get anywhere close to him. They even had Ferrari having team orders to see if science could eke out more pace out of him, but he just couldn't get anywhere near, I think, just under 7 seconds was as close as they could get in those final stages to him. So yeah, lonely, but very solid drive. And again, I guess it's the age old problem with Formula One, there are only sets, only so many seats. And so many, I guess premier tier seats available. He's tried it once in Red Bull. He didn't get on with it. So whether or not it would be a good place for him to go back to, probably not. You would argue. So for me, I think I heard Jenson Button saying this on the commentary as well. For me, the only thing that he can do is stay where he is and hope that with the new regulations, Alfa tauri gets even more competitive and he can kind of think about winning races with them, but he needs to get himself to a manufacturer, I think. But again, not too many positions available to him there, either. So is the age old problem that there's not enough seats in Formula One? There are enough teams in Formula One. They're under manufacturers in Formula One. So unless something is Formula One, a lot of crazy things happen. We've seen surprise and shock moves from people, I guess, you know, Daniel Ricciardo moving to Renault was a massive shock, no one really expected that. Could we see Pierre gasly Alpine? I'm not sure if that's a great move for him, but yeah, just it almost kind of there's nothing else for us to say, really. We know how great a driver he is. But he's not got much else to think about or go to. So just kind of one of those slightly sad, but also great that we're seeing him put in these performances and show what great driver he is, but yeah, there's not really many places for him to go to be really up there and in those challenging positions. And whilst we are on our tarry, let's quickly touch on Yuki because pretty rough day for him, of course, out in the first corner. And yesterday he had that little dressing down from Red Bull, shall we say? What were your thoughts on that JBL? You mentioned it briefly at the start of the podcast. What were your thoughts on yesterday and how Red Bull handled it? And who was in the wrong as such? I think generally yesterday, sonoda looked really, really good. He looked really good in practice and he looked like he was on top of everything this weekend. And it sort of, the form we've seen in the last few rounds, obviously is being sort of not quite driver coach by Alex album, but Alex Albon is providing support for him in that side of the garage. And he looks much better for it. It looks like he's sort of come out the other side of the difficulty she had earlier in the year and he just needs to sort of have an opportunity to build on that. And today could have been that, you know, he didn't have engine penalties and that kind of thing. And I think in qualifying yesterday in Q three, alpha towery has contended the cenote was aware of the situation. He had the Perez and for staff and behind him. And because he was got through to Q three because they felt that gasoline might need a toe. He was sort of done his bit and was just sort of trying to get off the track and I think Perez saw him ahead. Maybe sort of got a little bit distracted and had a little bit of a brain fade if you like and sort of followed him into that runoff area. And I don't think so notice to blame for that. I really don't. Whatever your sort of opinion on whether it should have been in Q three or not. I'll tell you how to express purpose for him being there. They got him through. He'd got through on merit. He was very, very quick. And he'd done his bit to help gasly out. And he couldn't really disappear off the track. So yeah, I think Red Bull has been very, very unfair on him. We know that Yuki is he's still in his first year he's made mistakes. He's learning, that's kind of what you do as a rookie. You should get a free pass and you first year to, you know, start the season off making a few mistakes. So you know where the limits are. But I think that sort of unfairly got him a reputation and it was very easy for rebel to kind of pin the tail on that particular donkey. And yeah, it was just unfortunate positioning at the time, I think. And then that first corner, it was just a mess. Because what it was him archon and Schumacher kind of three wide in that corner. Him and Schumacher kind of pins it on, or can't go out of it absolutely fine and I don't entirely know how. But Snyder and Schumacher were left by the wayside and that was it for them. And as I said, senator needs a weekend where he can take that form and build on it and get another really good result and he just didn't have that opportunity today because circumstances conspire against him. Jess, what did you make of the Red Bull cenote situation yesterday? We saw the Mercedes admin getting involved and, you know, sending him a motivational message on Twitter. But do you agree with JBL that he was not a fault there and, you know, Red Bull maybe shouldn't have been quite so firm in there was after. Yeah, absolutely..

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