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To learn more about this limited time sixty dollar off special special alright some feedback lowland in the feedback this week but that's because we're recording relatively close to after the episode Aired Aka a Monday morning which is like very normal time to be talking about all right just get to awesome is sorry I'm so sorry Humby humby chimes in he goes Holy Shit so let's just going for a WHO and how Perry's brother died right she has to so that is Humvees prediction for what we're going to get from Celeste I win. Celeste Cross Examines Mary Louise in the season possibly series finale. I mean yeah. That's pretty viable angle that. She should've told her attorney about rather than she doing it herself but yeah. I'm there for it so we think that's Celeste is going to step up to the plate and she's going to she's going to be Tom Cruise versus Jack Nicholson in few good men and she's GonNa get Mary Louise To admit to the Code Red. Did you order the Code Reggie. God Damn Right I did. That's the moment we're going the beginning for Mary. Louise here in big little lies season finale. I want the truth. You can't amble the truth so we'll see if everybody can handle the truth. This was an exactly feedback but it was a twitter thread that I noticed that I wanted to shout out <hes> once again cousin John John Denver D- John Road and said this trial is so unrealistic she would never be this unprepared no matter what especially for the money she's spending xactly great Brennan Fitzpatrick had replied to that as well. He said this whole episode feels pretty off like like we missed an episode inbetween this week and last week Brett Hallam. Oh I'm sorry I'm going to butcher your name. Every time I pronounce it. He says also there's zero ability to recreate a fall or push. This is just dumb. We didn't even talk about but the fact that they have like a three D. rendering falling and it's like if fell only fall here but if he was pushed you would fall this far. I don't know certainly but I don't know technology for such thing I I don't know what is possible emily but it felt like fairly fancy for for custody hearing to be trotting fishing right but it does. I think it was kind of annoying annoying when the attorney was like wow so this was like a lot harder than we anticipated and I want to be like no. It wasn't like this for the all of the things that were brought up. We're we're fair game. I knew that they were going to go for the guttural so like it doesn't really always me the judge killer sorry to figure out what you were doing now. I got no. You're you're fired. No of course we knew that Mary Louise had it in her to do it. She's been hanging out with Quinlan like they. They are going to exploit every single piece of information about Celeste to you know favor Mary. You Know Mary Louise. That's just what's going to happen so the fact that her attorney was like really surprising like no it's not. I do think that we've determined that attorney warriors garbage one of the garbage people of Monterey garbage suggestion could find human. I'm sure she's fine. She just needs to bring the same kind of like cutthroat resolve. I don't know she's just a vampire outmatched. The Vampire King of Louisiana. I replied over IRA fiber. I refer is really really solid as an attorney aren't even know what her name is but but I doubt it's as good as a wreck Arbor Leo rule forever the Prophet of little lies always on the money had had more of an observation this week Renata finding at her husband was screwing the nanny for so many years was terrifying terrifying and hilarious at the same time like a very on point observation that like the way that it came out. You couldn't help laugh but then you think about it a little harder to wake. That's so messed up. All of that is so messed stop. This man should be thrown into the trash but this man in the trash track the ass of the trash dump in there yeah grinder urine. You're redeeming qualities. The more we sort of <hes> you know an unveil forever he could shut up forever. Gordon usually try these. X.'s should have been used to eat girls so so mad and she should be she ripe. We should be terrible and I hope for nothing but the worst for him in the season for the worst well. Maybe not the worst. I don't have much positive feeling towards him for the talk. Amy Larue rights and do you think Corey is the private I who took the photos of Celeste Mary Louise so we do see in one of the very first scenes at the episode gene coming to corn being like. Are you a cop and he's I'm definitely not but what if he is and what if he's he's just lined us in line to her. We don't really know anything about him. Otherwise I'm GONNA guess not because I feel like it would then like what what. What are we going to do in the finale? We're going to get a moment of course like okay so you know I thought I wasn't a cop. I am I am coming. That just seems lazy. It just feels like we didn't need to go through just like in that scene like if he's been caught like just like go with the fact that he's been caught because it doesn't really affect things one way or the other too much. If we know then versus we know next week. I don't think yeah so. I'm GONNA guess he's not GonNa guests that whoever is like the private I it's just like one of the many branches of the detective Quinlan Apparatus man with a goatee Groucho Marx glasses like who knows who knows what it is. Let's wrap up here with Dave Baker who wrote who wrote in and said predictions for the finale and we would you like to get into a predictions draft with me. This is something that would do enjoy doing here on the post show recaps and draft okay draft so what what will do is we'll do it. We'll do it a snake AAC draft. We'll do it or maybe we can call like a big Sur draft because it's whiny like snake in in big Sur anyway <hes> so the way that it'll it'll work and Lee is you will have the first pick where you make a prediction for what's going to happen happened in the finale than I will make to predictions than you will make predictions. I'll make one final prediction and we'll have three predictions each and whoever wins the prediction draft has to has to buy the other person a thirty thousand dollar train sir. I don't want to train so we don't have space for that. How about a thirty thirty cent train sticker? How about how about season of Thomas the train how about this how about anything having to to do with the train that is thirty dollars in under and you can be as created a metro? Don't that could be Schroeck. Tell me we'll find out reveal the grand prize in in the feedback show thirty dollar Max wchs and it's gotta be at least in some way shape or form related to a traffic timing for our anniversary. I know I said you getting your ears leaned. Out was a great this'll be gift but maybe this can be compounded with that. All right. I'm with Fox. First prediction for the season finale of big little lies what you got awning dies. Fani dies right off the board. Bonnie dies is a pretty dramatic development for the first pick what if she just goes swimming and that's what this is all about. No we've been back and forth on this a lot. I don't think body's GonNa die. I think that's too extreme but but okay Bonnie dies goes off the board right away. I have to back to back picks. My first prediction is there is going to be some sort of commiseration between between Nathan and Ed then. We're going to get an a Nathan and Ed seen what a boring prediction. It's a boring is safe in all APP to it that I think that it is going to be the worst scene of Nathan decide. They need to sleep together and order like rectify their marriages. I mean Matt with that would be interesting. I don't. I don't expect that that is what's going on my diary for so long. It's I'm going to pick that as number one that there's going to be some sort of really terrible at a Nathan scene where they're like. You're not so bad. Maybe we're not so bad or maybe won't even articulate like that but there's going to be like scum measuring. He's between the two okay so now that's my first pick and I get a second prediction. Pick my second prediction is Renova much like like eleven towards Mike Wheeler is going to dump Gordon's ass. I think that there is going to be divorced. I think it's going to be I think it's the end of the Nara for Renata Gordon in season finale. Okay Okay Granada Gordon break-up. That's what I'm putting on on the on the docket okay. What do you think I think that I'm right? Do you think I got a point there. Yeah probably think of doing so far. Well you spell Gordon wrong. They just want you can hear the typing probably Casper. I'm trying to just do it. Don't talk about the no taking the annotation process out of it. Okay all right my necklace reporting chase around so you can see my businesses is terrible rebel terrible all right. My addiction is Mary. Louise will not get custody of the twins okay. That's a good prediction okay and I'm GONNA type hype it out everybody so you'll hear it. Mary Louise Mary Louise which I've spoiled. Mario please apparently is not getting custody of the children. Okay down. I like that. I think that you've got a point on the board. I'm hoping that you only have one so far but I think one on the board. I think that's a pretty clean prediction. Okay vinyls no pressure but this is your big one. What if AH chain moves away with vig sad clown when I think that's a good prediction right wake that gene? Jane Moves Away with Z.. Ah She's like. I can't be friends with more. She's like this place is do crazy and I just can't be here. Also Corey is weird and I need to leave Corey. Yeah okay all right your turn Wina one one final prediction <hes> okay <hes> we will find out that Perry's brother's death is indeed. Mary Louise Fault R._I.. Mary Louise will be responsible danceable. She married Louise. Try and type. This out cleanly was responsible. I said responsible responsible for Perry's brothers Nebr- others. There's an end in front of brother Nebraska death okay all right so it's reset emily. Thanks Bonnie is going to die that Mary Louise is not getting custody of the children in that Jane will move away with Ziggy my first prediction. I didn't even finish typing hang out but I remember is that loss at a plus end that there's going to be an edit Nathan reconciliation on it'd be terrible and boring not in Gordon or Gore Dom as I wrote they are. They're going to go to split Seville. They're gonNA SPLIT SKI AND WE'RE WE'RE GONNA find out that Mary Louise is responsible for Perry's brother's death. We didn't even weigh in on we'll edit madeline..

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