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Talk the example now we gotta Bismarck Yeah. The name of the key kid rock rock. Super educated are smarter than spots. Why you ever tell you will agree a novell's like the k. r. d. tell you what a fun little like here. We are hanging out you get to leave on the record yeah fun. Why does Bismarck. He permanently telling kids the worst cold. I don't know we are our dog is in part named after marquee. Our dog's name is busy. She's this pug and when she when we got her she was very anxious all the time and she sounded like she was beat boxing. That's my impression of a puck very very good. That's exactly what she sounds like okay so I need to ask you now. Yes to questions this is. This is part of the show. I turned to James Lipton. If you go to the pearly they gave no. I have now gone within the guy I wanted to know. If you feel differently about the song after examining it or it just reaffirmed the ways in which you already felt it mostly reaffirmed though is already felt because they felt very aware of its deficiencies which I think the imperfections are what make it so beautiful so you wouldn't change it which follow question. I guess the one thing that I was surprised by Urinalysis of it which I guess they can see if I'm if I'm trying to the objective is that it is a touch long so maybe combine two of the verses into one long verse and lose one of the choruses yeah although because the versus very long yeah so you can combine them in. I don't think people would be like this versus dragging. They would be like ooh. We got the aisles and the what's the other soul the aisles in the Oxus. It seems and yeah so I think maybe I would wish together with the problem is the chorus is definitely the the best part. That's the part that like a poor baby. Someone needs to tend to them. Yeah someone someone nurse that baby. That's another thing I would change. Somebody takes care of the baby. I would sell a little bit shorter. Maybe a little bit shorter okay. That's the only thing changer just curious because I have to determine if this is worth bunching up or not I think I I think that would be my oh that they would explicitly mentioned how popular they are in space okay. We'll see you do now. You're going to listen to the episode finance. Listen Ah I'll just listen to the party say though is there a way to edit josh out of the entire podcast that he saw great me and Tom only sorry ah featuring like the Bismarck voice freestyles of the egg and at the beginning tells us that it's Beastie boys with all of that said should we get to on punishable gems Josh Gal as the esteemed guest of honor. What Song do you find to be too perfect change. I've seen a lot. It's like still new pornographers weather in New York which is like love this way you're quantifying time and so that's how I think about the like but it's not too hot but it's real. It's like very pleasant. It's Iowa warm. Short sleeves career like meet cute weather murky weather for sure on the spot I would say offers. I think the new pornographers I'm so glad listen to this guy the spending in the new record I mean the day of the recording perfect Kismet. That's top of mind AH. Ha for me. I also WANNA do artist on a song that came out recently but I'm choosing it because the backstory of the song is that they invented a really insane sample from like an old radio turning earning on and like a piece of cardboard being slid on a table and they made the whole song around that sample and it took them like five years. It's I ne- off the new Bony Bare Record Luna. You know the process process behind the song. I can't understand at all how you spent five years on a song to me. I'm like you you give up on the song at that point but they didn't and I actually think this is one of the rare examples where like they eventually figured it out better for that you don't even because I feel very rarely. Do you have the best take after twenty takes. Usually it's kind of like diminishing returns. No the song is truly unique to me. I have not heard our song. I really recommend it. I think it's perfect fall weather and actually think the album I would say like seventy percent of it really works for me me just as like a fall soundtrack if you're into that I've kind of fallen off with Boniver over. The last few years. Last record was a little accessible. I think this one is still not as accessible as the first two for me however far more than the last one oh that's good yeah. I'm I mean good for my purposes. I'm like I've I save this frequently to describe my taste and things but like I just want everything to be like incredibly accessible. I'm like I very simple tastes. I look one everything to be the born to run that thing yeah. I hear you're saying I find find like as a listener I fall into the same trap but then I was like a creator. I'm like this is fucking boring. You will also like as a as a comedian. I think I'm very like overwritten written and obscuring snarky but like as a might taste in things is like I have been watching superstore from the beginning yeah and it's like such a it's like a workplace workplace comedy yeah. It feels a lot like like an update version of the office. I feel the same way about Shits Creek. Yeah this is great for what it is so simple and perfect like it's just a beautifully executed version of a very simple and straight. It's not even simple straightforward premise and they just want that just like put all the bells and whistles on it trick it out. I love it. It's the thing he come back to. I feel yeah yes well. Thank you so much for coming on my first New York guest. Thank you for having me. I'm so honored. What do you want to promote. Oh my gosh please read my book. Look and buy it I or listen to yeah. It's it's you can get it the audio book wherever audio books are sold you can get the hardcopy paperback you can read it on it e-readers such as a calvary where it's everywhere like look. It's someone told me that it's The San Francisco Airport Bookstore. SF Oh oh you've made a baby yoga room. Airport Bookstore is like very flattering like Hudson News and watch these marrow on showtime. When we're back October fourteenth I saw the preview. It looks so fucking good. I can't believe you got all those guests. Oh assume you real fun. They're fun the guest there's really I find interviews and stuff lined up and like some fine. I'm sketches already shot and released. I it looks like such a fun show to work on it more fun. Show to watch thank you. I hope it's fun to watch. That's like again. That's like the VIBE. I've been working in lately. It's just like trying to make things that are trying to. I don't make us myself obviously like trying to work on be a part savings and to end when I make things that are like fun and pleasant and like if not a not like an ignorance of the world but like a comfortable place nice to enjoy within the horrible world that we live I can relate to that and for what it's worth your reach has now gone to you my father who's I wouldn't say pop culture relevant person who texted me chose like two weeks ago to be like hey while you're in New York. You should have diesel and Merrill on the show so like he's watching as a year old man in Washington state. You're doing something right there like legitimately the greatest guests on anything. They're so funny funny all the time. They're and they're they like play so well with a reformat them later ideal late night gas. They're great podcast guests. They're gonNA go so fucking far. I hope to see it. I really you love to see it well. Thanks again for coming on one quick note to people listening as of I think yesterday yesterday when this airs the Patriot has been fully relaunched with brand new perks there's going to be I'm really excited with this one. I am very proud of myself for thinking of it. They're going to get to know the song we're GonNa Punch up before anyone else so that they can comment their stories and experiences with it and then I'm GonNa read my favorite ones on every episode love that because people have such great stories about I lost my virginity to that song like I I mean. Can you imagine someone's probably done it. Definitely someone's done it so anyway. Check other Patriot. If you WANNA be a part of it otherwise thank you for us today and I'll I'll see you next week bye bye now. Premier the intergalactic injure Galactic Punch up again ca the first the taste aloud talk talk okay. That was podcast..

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