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It's an acosta's and ken barclay on you better you bet from bet q. L. glass was just in session. Ken barclay professor lockers and dropping knowledge on the top twenty five poll valuable beds that we can glean from it. If you missed it. I would highly recommend checking that out in podcast. Form really. good stuff there from ken next hour on the show two days she had good segment title from. You is could stuff by you a preview to nfl teams per day bets. That could be worth making. We'll start in the afc the buffalo bills and the new york jets. James mazzola gonna join us as well. Next hour from the four prompted podcasts. Talking golf this weekend. Northern trust that playoffs all sorts of good stuff golf with jay mas- howard our final hour of the show all our bedford. Tonight major league baseball and some summer league action courtesy of the great our king. Tyler morales but right now. We continue the college football conversation and generally our conversations with our next gustov. We'll go in a bunch of different directions. That are all usually. That is our pal. The great john murray the director of race and sports at the west gate super book out in las vegas. He is on twitter at vegas murray. And he's awesome. You should follow him. John what's going on. Welcome back to you better. You bet nick and ten pecul- tuesday how you doing doing good are we. Doing you guys excited for college. Football throat around the corner man. I mean we're we're getting there. We've been talking about it a lot more on the show john talking about nfl. And i've always kind of curious about this because we could start here. Because like nick. And i will come on the show and we are very very obviously excited about having football back in our lives. People that are in our line of work like gambling. Content radio shows podcasts. All that stuff we need it. We needed here right now. Madden's out hard boxes on like we're really the appetite for the stuff is tremendous for people on your side prefer vacation. I would rather be up every friday for the next fifty two weeks and just get back around august again but for people in your line of work like behind the counter and running sports books and everything like what do you look forward to the start of. Obviously a lot more work a lot more attention paid and everything like how. How are you feeling with football. Only a couple of weeks away. We're ready for it to get here. You know august is a tough very tough month to hold money in the sports book because it's mostly baseball which is not a really great. High percentage sport for us and nfl. Preseason we've usually don't hold very well in the preseason preseason very sharp market lot of sharp betters playing preseason. nfl games and then we just lost that many pack out aerospace junior fight which is supposed to be saturday that i thought was going to be our biggest dentist month..

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