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The following is a conversation with jim. Keller his second time. In the podcast. Jim is a legendary microprocessor architect and is widely seen as one of the greatest engineering minds the competing age in a peculiar twist of space time in our simulation. Jim is also a brother-in-law of jordan. Johnson we talk about this and about computing artificial intelligence consciousness and life quick mention of our sponsors athletic greens. All one attrition. drink brooklyn cheats express. Vpn and bell campo grass fed meat. Click the sponsored links to get discount at the support this as a side note. Let me say that. Jim is someone who on a personal level. Inspired me to be myself. There was something in his words on and off. Mike or perhaps even paid attention to me at all. That almost told me your kid. A kind of pat on the back that can make the difference between the mind that flourishes and a mind that is broken down by the cynicism of the world. So i guess that's just my brief you words of thank you to jim and general gratitude for the people who have given me a chance on this podcast in my work and in life if you enjoy this thing subscribe ign youtube review an apple. Podcast follow on spotify supporter on patriae on connect with me on twitter. Alexei friedman as usual. I'll do a few minutes of is now and no ads in the.

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