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He wanted to say on his gravestone, quote, he loved Barbara very much the private burial came after a train painted in the colors of Air Force One brought his casket to college station with many standing in tribute along the way. Is a great place. He Livin Ted. So that we can honor a man who led our nation and everybody is out here. You matter what party, which is text news. And we just honored someone who is so special to all of us CBS news special report, I'm Pam Coulter. WCBS news time ten thirty two farmer. Attorney general emerges as a top contender to regain the post in President Trump's cabinet sixty five zero William bar who served as attorney general in the first Bush administration is seen as one of a handful of candidates for the job who would survive his Senate confirmation. But other choices according to White House. Sources include Texas, congressman, John Ratcliffe and acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker bars. Opponents say he's too connected to mainstream Republicans and doesn't have a strong relationship with the president at CBS's Steve Dorsey in Washington, President Trump has decided to dominate State Department spokeswoman have their new art to replace departing US UN ambassador. Nikki Haley, the forty eight. Year old new art is an unorthodox choice for that UN roll given that she had little experiencing government or foreign policy before joining the Trump administration in April of last year prior to that she spent several years as an anchor and correspondent for Fox News, including on the FOX and friends show, which is watched by the president to women are coming forward to say they were employed at a resort owned by the Trump organization, even though they're living in the country illegally. CBS's Adriana Diaz spoke with them Victorino. Morales an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala has worked at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey for five years even cleaning the president's residence sat and they'll Alabama venue. I would make the beds you clean the bathrooms even dusty with vacuum for the residents. She claims her bosses knew she wasn't authorized to live in the US but hired her anyway. So he said, it doesn't matter we need someone whether or not they have she says Jorges via identified as a club facilities manager later gave her money to get a fake green card and social security card. We tried to call the F word but were unable to reach him. Sandra DEA says that she were to the club for a year while was owned by Mr. Trump WCBS news time, ten thirty four Afghan wise highest ranking uniform members accused of inappropriate behavior, and now he's been removed from his post the empty and Weiss. It was allegations of inappropriate behavior that led to chief of department James Leonard's removal, the department would not say what that behavior may be. But a daily news report released this Wednesday shows tension between Leonard and FDA wife first deputy fire chief, lower cavenaugh, Leonard. Wood reportedly ordered the other chiefs to freeze cavenaugh out of internal communications and Leonard would have staff sit Cavanaugh as far away from him as possible during events while Leonard has been with the department since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine cavenaugh. Has only recently joined the FDA and y after first working as a campaign advisor to mayor de Blasio before being appointed by the mayor to the department despite cavenaugh not having any experience in any fire department. Mike smells to be CBS News Radio eight eighty there's the Christmas season when it comes an awareness campaign to protect consumers on Long Island. Meredith of SaaS it was one of the shoppers here in Woodbury at the stoppage shop that had a warning sticker placed under shopping carts. That's because her purse was exposed and a thief could have easily grabbed it she says, she should be more careful. I wasn't really paying that.

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