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No mine are actually behaving right now. Gonna rolling Guinea laugh only got males somehow, and this is kind of what happened Guinea laugh. Kidding? Through prayer. What happens later, but this is from Michael to frito, my brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides. Anyone family again? Delivery is like to the teeth and finally. Just because of the livery. And I think it's Larry's when he says, he's lemme tell you something my kraut, Mick friend when waltzes talking to Hagen in the in the movie studio at just think it's hilarious that some of my favorite lines. You guys have any. Sorry, one line each person just to cover them all but you've pretty much all the lines that I was gonna say sorry. Vengeance dish. Best served cold one moment that Justin was actually paying attention. He's like this from this. Just. There's your boy when it comes to watching movies. You're being real real. We'll say that. It's really funny like that's from this. And there's so many things from this movie that I was even like, oh, I thought that was maybe two or three that so much like the toll seen the horse's head all the into the fertile. Has been using pop culture so much, and I had like facts about in the little bit that I didn't even know started doing research on is crazy Jen, do you have any or not really not really anything? Diane Keaton sit. She's like, I don't understand what up Aloni said. But I love her to know. Oh. Oh, more than Kate O known just get Medicaid because of that she's seen. Well. But again, we have to play to the times. Okay. No. It was a very different role for all the women in this film as a whole and and in general like they're not. They're not they don't have that much screen time to begin with anyway. But they're also they don't really have like. They don't really have very I mean, I think they're they're necessary because they all play into the the idea of family and the life and seeing. Soften the mail like a little bit. Like, I don't I little. I little show a little bit vulnerability on like the guy. I would I would agree with you. If they had more on screen time together. But I see that you get them onto with. Enemy soften the males in the bad way. But I think you see that more in two with Vito and his wife. Yeah. Because you get more interaction with them deniro be young. Yeah. You don't get that interaction at all actually any in the first one. I don't think veto and his wife have any 'cause together. Is the person that I don't like that whole scene when when Michael meets Appalachia, then like then she blows up like ten minutes later she ever talk about that ever. Again, do not agree while in through. Okay. But we're in three fine but not anywhere else. So if we're just looking at one godfather wanted to then they never really talk about it ever. Again. What's the the real love of my life exploded? But then Michael comes right? He meets K. And I feel like Kay is the person that like represents the life that he could have but never chooses, but he still trying to have the best of both worlds until he decides that no really take hold on that scene because I'm I'm glad you brought that scene because I wanna talk about that scene a little bit. But all right. So let's go into the scenes that we feel have age of the best. So I have a few. I hope higher movie. The entire movie is the baptism baptism scene. And I think it's that has aged the best I don't know if you guys just me on. On. Remind me of reminded me somewhat of in goodfellas like when they're going around wack, and everyone from the heist that just make the reason I disagree with you on that is because I feel like the use of the church, and Michael Biehn this, you know, taking in this real disad crimen while his men are going out and committing his crime is such a beautiful duality to. No, I definitely agree there. I'm not screaming there. And I think it's picked. Maybe one of the greatest scenes ever filmed. Like, I think the greatest scene I've ever seen in my entire life is in partout. But this is right up there. I think it's end the the Oregon's playing. Yes. The the the music it's cut yet. We like the cut all the on other other debts yet. I also have you never notices at time. You watch it that this long, but I feel like the twenty six minute opening wedding scene is age. Really? Well, I think you never every time. I watch the godfather I always say to myself, I'm going to time at this time. And I'm gonna be like I'm gonna see like if I feel any different. But it just it's so if flow, so well, I think it's great of the anything Walton Hagen in LA like their dialogue leading to the horse. I think it's all top notch stuff. A very underrated subtle seen is Tom Hagan lady veto that sunny died. And then I also love when Michael walks out the door what Carlo was being killed in the car. Like, I I love that. Captures Pacino shortness because everyone is taught of the him in that scene. But you also have him as a direct shot the car of him like admiring, his work. And I think that's that. And that's all Pacino his mannerisms are fucking tremendous. And Finally, I think the finale of him closing the door on K after he just lied to her my favorite. I think that's outstanding. One of the best endings ever. John you're thinking, no, it's a very strong ending to the film. And I mean. At least from the female perspective. She knows she knows what's going on. But walk. It's one of kids later, they're still in the business. I. You know? And I love that you mentioned that could right at the beginning of two she talks about that. She's like goal. Remember, what you said that you we're gonna get out of this life, and then and then Michael just like dismisses it right away. Like, we'll get there. We'll get there. They never do as you've ever do. He kind of does impact rail par-three. But in the end the. Takes. That's why life. That's why. That's why par-three. I don't love it. But I love how have you ever seen par-three? Yeah. So I love it part three. And that's another discussion. But like how he can try to leave that life. But in the end that life took the life, he cherished the most and it wasn't his own. And you know, that's that. What about you guys? You guys have any scenes I think angel.

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