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Five we're starting off the new year doctor Scott with your program this Wednesday evening and it's gonna be on chronic headaches and things that go bump in the night if you will and distinguishing or whether they're a migraine way and what's that because in the Tribune pattern with my grade we know my grade is a vascular headache but what's causing inflammatory pathway was bio chemistry is a neurological as a compression as their injury is it coming from a disproportionate the body is it sit emotional stress found that doesn't go away are we harbor in an internalizing things I know you're gonna go through all that didn't I have to do to register is go to Roselle care dot com that's our O. S. E. L. L. E. C. A. R. E. Roselle care dot com and hit the button that says register now plug it in and then we will confirm we'll send you a note and say Hey you know this is gonna be but those of you heard doctor Scott before know that he will walk away with huge amounts of information that just got let's get back to our you know and he's off the line right now but let's talk about mark's wife a little bit more there's a couple things in those if you'd like to ask as a question triple eight six three zero nine six two five one of the things is that you know like you got to take a look at he's got to he's had some structural work she's has some structural work done but I think sometimes you got to take a look at a lot of different elements here I think the like we were just charge starting on some of the acupuncture the points in the body I think what I think about acupuncture everybody thinks about this energetic element but a lot of times I think also about an acupuncture when you stimulate getting good blood flow in looking at areas of the body and when I look at acupuncture to try to make it simple for people I said does a river runs through it and what does that mean is that does that acupuncture point run through the area of irritation gall bladder plays a big big part because that's probably the one one meridian that runs and crosses back and forth across the top of the skull on the and also strongly socially with all types of headaches from specially the vascular type things with my grand so that's something to be strongly to take a look at it hopefully they've looked at those kind of components and I've seen it time and time again I'm the medical model there's a tendency not to look at those areas and when we start looking at them we find it time and time again Tom I think you just bought one was the that would they came up that with somebody who's not a see a headache on this particular element but something came back with their their second tell having an irritation and they went to the podiatrist and they went to the the orthopedic and they went to their primary they couldn't find anything wrong with it and found out that they actually we found out that basic it's a stomach related type problem because that's where the meridian run through yeah that part of the body when you take a look at the feet you have you know you look at the big tell you have liver and you have spleen which is also the stomach and away and you know those meridians get tied to the bottom the foot you have the kidding radiant and kidney Asian life force at your energy and that is also obviously has to relate to kidney function itself so you take a look at where the problem is when it occurs and it gives you a little bit of evidence of how to follow through and actually dissected because it's not about treating the symptoms this is about getting rid of the problem so it never comes back again and you have to do diligence to make sure that you're asking the right questions that direct you into the right treatment at all from the results in the elimination of the problem not the symptom and that's how we approach all things triple eight six three zero nine six two five let's go to the phones Melanie how can we help you hi yes thanks for taking my call thank you for question about restless leg syndrome specifically I a total knee replacement about five weeks ago and ever since that from day one after surgery I can't believe I'm awake all night leg jumping all over the place the doctor said sometimes that's the side effect of the net the Doral by I don't know if you have any suggestions on how I just can't go for the rest of my life like that no no no should you in it we're going back to you have to look at the muscle patterns that that make up the knee and its ability to move and so forth so you have your thigh muscle which is the quadriceps from Mars muscles for muscles there yet another muscle that goes over the top from the front of your hip all the way down to the inside media portion of your name is called the sartorius muscles along as muscle in your body you have your area to be a ban on the outside you have the hamstrings in the back and so forth so all these muscles have to work in concert with each other they have to work in a very specific motion of one firing the other one not far and often what happens with any surgical procedure the muscle itself is injured because of the surgery having surgery is not just well let's get it done so it back up and everything's cool and then you know you have if you had a total total knee replacement in other they cut off part of the bone they're hammering in other pieces and so forth so now you have the better trauma so all of these things can trigger affects not only at the knee but far reaching and because of a muscle organ patterns because of acupuncture relationships and so forth so the first thing you have to do is find out which muscles are not firing properly and then you fix those if there is a decrease in levels of magnesium in the body your muscles are going to cramp up and they're going to miss communicate properly critically after surgery that's that's again an injury as a trauma and take certain things to do that yeah I think it is going with what Tom is talking about the body has a tendency to try to protect itself and I would give an example you've had the surgery we have some people lot of times and somebody comes walking in and they'll have like a hamstring that's very very tight so there's a tendency to go to the hamstring worked a hamstring out the problem is is that sometimes the hamstrings doing what it's supposed to be doing it sets another muscle that actually is turned off the hamstrings taking up the taking up the slack in causing the the cramping that's there you've got a look at all those mechanisms Alwi around kinda re bring that back on the plate need to re were you bring that for example in this particular case I have quite a few people come in hamstrings tight we look at some of the growing muscles and find the right muscles are weak get the bounce back in and everything starts working better so when you bring it down to five the inhibition if you will the muscles that are not firing and you reset those properly you move them out you know we're talking about muscles that have nerves that go to the listeners in the lower extremity mean your legs come from your love back they have nutritional pathways that have to be supported we talked a lot about magnesium another one is vitamin B. twelve and folic acid that has to do with fashion the covering of all the muscles so anytime you have a perfect storm if you will something is set up you know to go bad to begin with and now you intervene with the trauma surgery even though that is is doing something to to try to help you out if you don't reset all those in this room saying you have to look outside the box you have to look outside the name what else is in Florida it will be the foot as well and you know the the foot at that point is not going to be in a normal gait pattern simply because of the muscles that have influenced the Negro die you know the old song the craziness and the the foot bones collected ankle bone connected on this okay it's very much like that and it's you know it's an old song that we as kids we sang in our mother saying to us but in this particular situation is very true if you can identify you can fix it what I would suggest you is this first of all if you have if you.

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