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Three weeks, driven in part by the fast spreading Delta Variant A, B. C's and Florida we're seeing in Missouri, which is one of these new Delta hotspots. The state officials just cancelled a big annual festival there called the Route 66 Festival. That's going to have trickle down effects to restaurants, businesses there that were counting on the cash from visitors. But health officials there are saying it's it's not safe to bring those people in voting went ahead and the Texas State Senate over a bill that would tighten voting restrictions despite Democratic lawmakers leaving the state in protest. Senate Democrats coming to an agreement on the sweeping $3.5 trillion budget plan, including so called human infrastructure President Biden to meet with Senate Democrats today to talk it over and in D C. The Washington Monument reopens today mask will be mandatory, regardless of vaccination status. Dave Packer, ABC News HOMO News 1000 FM 97 7 Common news Time is 4 31. Here's the top local story is recovering for Wednesday. July 14th. Airport officials facing jet fuel shortages are concerned they'll have to wave off planes and helicopters A drop fire retardants during what could be a ferocious wildfire season. Federal officials say they've already had sporadic shortages at some tanker bases and fear multiple bases running out simultaneously. There are currently 10 large wildfires burning in Washington, Oregon, scorching a combined 298,000 acres in our state. Firefighters are battling five large fires are all east of the Cascades. Both Washington and Oregon today will elevate the fire preparedness level to five, which is the highest level means fire activity is extremely high and resources are tight right now the state is working to bring in help from other parts of the country. Almost Tammy Matassa has that part of the story. Powerful, fast moving flames are leaving a massive trail of destruction across Washington state. And tribal lands. It's going to be and has been a very long summer. Right now. The Department of Natural Resources says six large fires and several small fires are burning. More than 49,000 acres of D and R. Protected lands have been scorched. And so far this year dinner has tracked 681 fires in the state. That's nearly three times more than the 10 Year average of 275 fires each season. That's almost tamping. Natasa reporting. Here's a look at some of the fires across the state. Two of the biggest, the Burbank fire near Yakima has grown to 12,000 acres and the Lick Creek Fire near a stone has grown more than 58,000 acres and is currently 20%. Contained. Several fires have forced a portion of highway 22 shut down west of Winthrop. BOT officials say the North Cascades highway will likely be closed for several more days. Drivers should use highway to or I 90 to travel across the state. 12,000 acre fire has burned homes in Okanogan County. That's where we refined Comox, Cara Kostanic 14 Structures Bird, seven were homes. But now there's concern about what's to come. We have critical fired day to where there's there's going to be increased winds. And so that's that's a real issue for us to see a level two incident team arrived to help fire injured livestock that had to be euthanized. And people like Stephen Lost. It all hurts my heart to see your heart. See your house gun as the sun sets on this difficult moment. Stephen will never forget, he says he'll find hope in a new beginning. There's going to be itself all but I got this. It's almost Karakasevic Report. Normal news time is now. 4 34 Koma traffic..

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