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Jason Jason Jason. I am so disappointed in you. Have you have, you know, not? I mean, you have military friends. That's. I had I had Marcus Latrell. Just happened to be over at my house, right? Incident happened over this happens. And and I just was talking to this young man about how much I love my daughter. Oh, and have you met Marcus Latrell lone survivor navy seal? Yeah. He. He lived by himself for days. He took a whole Afghan army by himself in the end any survived and then just Marcus. Yeah. I love I love that little lady that you're dating to. Got it. Part of a long time with you. You have various experiences where you have. I mean, some would say intimidated intimidated younger younger men that may want to get one of your daughters. All light. No, no, no, no. I mean, the worst one you're talking about the pizza one. Yeah. The worst one and an I contend the best one, and you can do this all you need is you need a friend who's a cop. That's it doesn't make friends with a cop. Okay. Just saw your daughter turns or a male stripper that has a uniform even that what would that might work that might work, though, your your daughter will know like I just had I just we have security, so I have a security, and my kids know, they can find anything about anybody at any time. And so I just had security sit at another table, but you can do this dads with a cop friend. Hey. I don't know what you were going to offer them. Maybe just pay them pay them scale just have them sit at another table. And whatever you say they just start to look at you. When you look over to them, and they have to be on their phone. They have to be sitting like the next table over and they have to sit at their phone, and you just look at them. And when you look at them they just have to shake their head. Okay. It doesn't matter. Yes. No doesn't matter just have to shake their head. Okay. So that was the deal going in. So this kid we're gonna meet at a pizza parlor, we're going to have dinner. And so my daughter is there, and he shows up, and it's nice and everything else, and we're just having nice little chitchat, and I asked him about himself, and eventually we get into you know, does he have any? How is he is a driver and have any any speeding tickets? Oh, no, sir. None at all. None. Really, none. That's when I look over my friend, and he just shakes his head. Now. He's not doing anything. He's playing a game. Probably. He just shakes his head in the kid goes. Okay. Okay. There is that one. But I didn't know it was a one way street, and it was very confused, and I just put my hand up. I know I know you don't have to tell me, I know. And he just looked at me. And then he looked like it's no big deal. And then we just moved on for a while. Okay. We just had a nice conversation. Then when we got up he had was having coke, and he had finished his can of coke. And I said to him as we're getting up walking away. He got up, and I said you done with your coke. And he said yes now before I went I had turned a ziplock bag inside out. And I put it in my pocket. So I take it out of my pocket, and I put my hand in ziplock bag, which is inside out. And then I grabbed the can of coke, and I put it now, and I roll down the ziplock bags so now, it's rights, and I zip it up, and he said. What what are you? What are you doing? I said just just just running some tests. That's all I had to say she went white. We laughed and I was really proud of my my my daughter didn't know whether I would run. We have to keep them off balance. She wasn't sure if I would run them or not and and so. So so we we we laughed and I was feeling pretty good until like two days later the phone rings, my house, I could still see this. Because I thought I mean all of a sudden like I had tunnel vision. Everything went dark..

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