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And they print the she said then she says she says it says in the book can you tell me what books about it's a children's book a children's book i'll just there's a gap in the market area because a lot of people say that with the kids books children's books there's not enough swearing in so you know not just cage it love it you know north consume not enough kids read in books these days and they'd love it more if it was you know jack in the beanstalk was like free fucking beans you sweat see fucking care when you go out with a fucking she's out your fucking sheesh chill go print it models controversial career continues deal so well you in the thick of they to comedy then so you so you were on with all these kind of crazy accent i'm always fascinated about oh now glad you saw that because that is there's a myth about the comedy scene that it was all so very uber political book it wasn't that told it was it was royalty really it was one of the main gigs was called new royalty and it was a source of slightly modernized version of what was the old music old in a while strangely so it was absolutely crazy acts absolutely bonkers it was brilliant you must've called summit until you know we we have a source of ice the ice man and gay for people who don't know he was a man he just had a big block of ice the lay down and melted that was that.

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