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As she grew people were cruel here's an account from sixteen eighty six all the important men in town were gathered in a meeting and here's what the source says quote and she coming sitter on an occasional and some of them abused her calling her the devils bastard and hag face and the like this has grown men in a case men of town this child comes around Walker as the devils bastard and hank face and here's where we see sula start to emerge as somebody who's not going to put up with this crap source says quote one of the principal men that himself spruce and fine had in an instant his neck ruff which in those days they were pulled off and the seat of toilet clapped in its place he sat next to him bursting out into laughter at the site thereof was served therefore his hat was invisibly conveyed away and the Pan of a chamber pot which stood in the next room put on his head thereof instead yeah that's what Magic's for exactly rip off at dudes neck roughing give him a toilet yeah fantastic so this is the earliest account we have and after that the townspeople took her more seriously a neighbor came to her saying I've had a smoke and the petticoat stolen and she said I know exactly who it was and I'll get it back to you and she did the next day they went to the market cross her in the neighbor and the lady who had stolen the smoke was came up wearing it's holding the petticoats and said `I habits I stole it here's it back so it was that the power the Shipton saying I have these devilish powers I know it was you give it back or was it really a magic spell she got married and then she married at the age of twenty four in fifteen twelve to a local carpenter ankle toby shipton the shift was supposed to be in this glee hack it's all women and people thought that she had given him a little potion or cast a spell on him and then he died two years later of course again it was her fault she was never embraced in the town she was always terrifying to people and to escape the suspicion and the rejection of the town she would escape across the river like her mother and she found a piece in the cave and in the woods.

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