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I suppose the question I have here though is how many more options the whatsoever tin hereditary chiefs have here. Seems like this is getting very close to the end of the line here. UNICEF start but in is near the end of the line now yeah absolutely I mean so it just passed into Stoughton is where coastal gasoline is. rain on construction schedule. Want to get in there to build up this this encampment area for for pipeline construction to happen this summer and so once they get free access to moved through that road. You know they're going to start doing the work that scheduled right now Abbott at the same time you know it's it's a big territory and the what's out today With those arrests that happened with free to Houston being arrested among others. They said you know we asked. We may be arrested but this is not over. It's hard to know what they plan to do. Okay and tell me you're free to Houston is oh so Frida is significant in all of this is sort of the longtime I spokes person at the student checkpoint site and now the healing center. We're not protest camp our home under coming to invade my home today and that gets my door and she is one of actually the named defendants in the initial court application that coastal gasoline put into the courts for this injunction so she and Smuggled Gum who's a hereditary chief within the nation were actually the two named defendants That that it went to court on this case and so people were glued to this livestream. That people were putting out on facebook today and sort of this connection kept cutting in and out. It's a remote area and they're using satellite and trying to livestream what was happening. You could see a group of women they were standing under this arch arch with fire and drumming and singing. All the awhile. Police were moving in on them so we heard that. RTP had serve helicopter members in behind the checkpoints and then they had rcmp on the bridge. Moving they're boxed in and these women just stood there drumming and singing and one by one. We're being taken away by police. And at the end as the arrests were being made Freda was was the last person standing there and when the by the time the police were approaching her. She wasn't drumming anymore. She was just standing there dancing and singing at the top of her lungs and was sort of quietly. Quietly led away by police singing as she went. Amen- you could see you're walking into the distance and in the back their red dresses lined up along this road which was a symbol for missing murdered indigenous women and girls so the symbolism of all of this was quite powerful for people who were watching and sympathetic of people who aren't probably like great finally But for those who are engaged in these actions you're across the country that was hugely symbolic and there was a gate at At UNICEF that's her leads in and it was some wooden structure and they're also images of a police cutting cutting through it and so from their side they'd necessarily see what they were cutting through but For moonstone and looking outward. Where'd you could see that? They had put a sign up. That said reconciliation. That was just sawed right down the middle as they took took apart gate so the symbolism right now of what is happening happening was was really poignant in watching that livestream and witnessing what was happening as as free to was the last person led away at least as far as I've seen so far by police and taken into custody and are we hearing anything from governments here the BC provincial government and end the federal government. Not A lot. I mean all leading up to this the government Your did attempt some deescalation stuff to NBC. And the chiefs and three intermediary with Nathan Cullen in the mix for bit and then those talks failed to come to any peaceful resolution and after that I am not aware of any further dialogue. They're having the province John Horrigan holding his first news conference of the New Year. There are agreements from the peace country to Kim with indigenous communities that want to see economic activity activity of prosperity. Take place all the permits are in place for this project to proceed. We'll be proceeding and the Fed seemed to be pointing back to the provincial government. Saying this is all within provincial jurisdiction. So this isn't about us and this is for BC to sort out. Okay and you mentioned Nathan. Cullen this is the former and EP. MP and what is the company thing about all of this I mean for coastal gas length. They they've maintained a long that they want to see a peaceful resolution and they also. I can't delay you know getting in that area and doing construction work. They have construction timelines to me. They have commitments to this pipeline built They have expressed disappointment -pointment at some points along throughout this process and the last number of weeks kept insisting that they were offering to meet with the hereditary chiefs and that that invitation has been rejected to time and time again by the hereditary chiefs. Who've said they have no interest in meeting with a proponent and they would only like to sit down and speak with decision makers at the federal and provincial?.

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