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Of moderate. But they were worried that she was a woman who couldn't be ov totally great. I think that's what happened to the idea that Elizabeth Warren was siphoning off votes from Bernie. I just don't think that that holds water. I think it's just like in our heads because she is a progressive but she also said so. Many times cheerful capitalist. I'm a cheerful capitalist. So she's really she really set our self aside from from burning in that way in a way the Bernie never has said anything like that to assuage people who who worry about the socialist. Tendencies of a Bernie. No they just ray. He's just anti-establishment which I love. Yeah not lot. And he's fantastic in many ways. I'm I'm yes. But the strategic thing right. This is all about the strategic. I mean the way I just always think about. It was like Oh yeah. We're not looking for a relationship. We're looking for a rebound relationship like we're just looking for the next person that can make us forget about the ex boyfriend that we hate all. We're looking for rebound person. Yeah that's just an edge and so everyone is. They're not picking their best choice. They're like who? Yeah whose good enough hang out yesterday and the good betting money is in these are from like I was talking to a woman who for forty years has been a staple on Capitol Hill and. She thinks the good betting money is that Elizabeth. Warren is Biden's vice presidential pitch or like. How do you see to really do that? I would feel twelve thousand times better if you picked a really solid person like Elizabeth Warren. I mean because he is. The talk is at an age where his running mate really matters right. Oh.

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