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In florida key west residents will be allowed back in a daybreak tomorrow exactly one week after erma made landfall and kodjo key frustrations though are still high residents have been an evacuation mode for more than a week abc the pilgrimage there she says it's still a mess to deal with many residents are getting their first look at urmas wrath there at clean up's still continuing a lot of areas still don't have power some people are just getting power in the last night the lower key still not open to residents until tomorrow morning there's talk of opening up as far south as marathon in florida the investigation into the nursing home deaths of eight residents following hurricane erma continues florida governor rick scott office now says the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills did call governor rick scott personal cell phone not a cell phone controlled by his office says his office said yesterday the nursing home left messages also which the governor office says were reef referred immediately to the department of health and the agency for healthcare administration forecasters say they are watching another storm brewing hurricane jose this one swirling in the atlantic as well it's expected to come close to the eastern seaboard and could bring heavy rain a tropical storm warning in effect for the reason instead of southern tip of mexico's baja california peninsula at due to hurricane norma this is abc news this is komo news 1000 and fm 97 7 good morning it is eight four let's get a check of aaa traffic quite a bit of a construction to be aware of as you head out northeast wooden building hall road closed at less so call me valley road use novelty hailed as a detour ninety.

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