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Escaped during multi vehicle crash on i four ninety five in fairfax county now what the with the dog with the bees with the dog running from the bees were you fleeing the bees i mean i love bees so i want to go rescue the bees of course and the dog i love this whoever wrote the first sentence though you know they love this i sentence from the article traffic was a buzz on the capitol beltway or near fairfax virginia after multi vehicle crash unleashed are swarm of bees period next paragraph and sentence a dog was lose to i hope everybody ended up okay got the dog back all there's the dog how cute walking with a trooper excuse me oh by the way the dog belonged to the man driving the tractor trailer carrying pallets of honeybees which had escaped i hope the bees are free and reproduce and don't die in the colony collapse disorder one last criminal headline of the day back real headline for not the onion out of the omaha world herald which by the way they're tag is real fair accurate real headline i just love this one a nearly naked man comma a bottle of vegetable oil they're not using oxford comma though they left that out and a teaser hyphen in not so routine patrol council bluffs yeah naked man vegetable oil in a tasers bad combo council bluffs man clad only in his underwear while wielding a bottle of vegetable hill was arrested for an thursday after an officer reportedly chasing a woman who tried to shoot him with the taser wow i wonder how as her interacts with vegetable oil just wondering just wondering just leaving that out there for you don't find out the answer to that this weekend.

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