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Snow falling midway tens of thousands of customers still without electricity this morning, although it slowly improving. The majority of the outages are in Cook County comments power outage map on its website shows just over thirty three thousand households being impacted in Cook County that's down about two thousand from when we might I report at one AM. So over the past two hours, crews out this morning have gotten that down about two thousand still twelve thousand without independence county, though, just over six thousand still without in Lake County. All total does still well above fifty thousand comment customers still without electricity. This morning. Crews have cleared an early morning crash site near the south fork of the Chicago river this morning semi truck had plowed through a chain link fence it came to rest with a cab hanging over the river. Chicago firefighters staged along Archer avenue between Ashland and broad street. Just after midnight. They were called to the scene because there were reports that someone was in the water, but ficials now say surveillance video appears to show a driver running from that truck before first responders arrived, Chicago police say they believe someone may have been trying to dump that truck in the river. No injuries. No charges either. A police officer was buried Monday, followed a massive Chicago police honor funeral at the chapel of Saint Joseph at the end of Our Lady of Guadalupe and displays officer Samuel Jimenez was killed a week ago by gunman at mercy hospital Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson was among the speakers without knowing the danger. He was rushing into..

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