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And so the question is what a book about the hollywood community what about the hollywood community in this massive coverup the silence of the libs as i called it on my facebook site the silence of the lips well the be a federal investigation and he payoffs and settlements we know there were some that's the allegation that's the report taj when it comes to harvey weinstein stein so as hollywood a criminal enterprise you'll even have these hacks like lisa bloom attorney don't you know an offspring of glory albright excuse me gloria allred whatever a fighter for women's rights a fighter for abused women and yet when the price was right they are she was by harvey weinstein side then she resigned after she realized whoops i made a pr mistake because she was trashed and social media as being another fraud fakes and frauds all around ladies and gentleman all around harvey weinstein stein would have these massive fundraising events for democrats of all kinds i suspect it's not because he was some kind of a leftist now it's hush money you see folks if you're a leftist and you contribute the leftists causes their organizations and their party the democrat party he had a pass for the most part it only took twenty years or more for this to catch up with weinstein twenty years and more in the manhattan district attorney at the time wasn't that long ago wired one of these young ladies ambra but lana gutierrez honestly i don't really follow the bubble that is hollywood so i if i mispronounced it i apologize said of our right rich in a police sting operation we're harvey weinstein amidst a groping but the manhattan district attorney decides i don't have enough as an evidence.

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