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Danny white was granted there in seventy six c played into the late eighties in dallas and i certainly knows way around the city hey danny it's taken tierney howard today pat welcome back to the show guys hager agree with you that no doubt avila we still got to get some answers on this quarterbacks though for the cowboys is get our borje danny back on the hornet here you are and was not good jump right into it the danny because why you didn't waste time getting your thoughts on back pressed we know he's played well so my real question a wicked abound on that of the suffered a mid but i'm real question everybody wants to know what do you think the cowboys should do when tony romo was healthy and ready to play football well and through to be this four million dollar when you're morneau him then in that way tickets so far now do you know which we we have a ways to go and even a lot can happen and he's going to play some of his toughest opposition with with green bay in philadelphia you're all coming up in and it was scared dollars when you know to a quarterback our starting his career am so what it a little bit premature but but you know what it's baynes since tony were healthy today you know that that's where they perry jason garrett the big but you also make those candidates and and it would be a top one because this team is playing very very well and it's not so much what back has done it it's what happened and in rookie to come in and you know played five games and not throw an interception it is remarkable.

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