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In Mozambique, the Corona virus has been more or less kept under control. Mozambique has another crisis. It's also keeping its eyes on the threat of terrorism. Last week, a militant group linked to Isis attacked a port town in the northern part of Mozambique. The world's Halima Condi has that story. The attack and Muslim boy depraved wasn't the first. The port town sits in the province of Capo Delgado in northern Mozambique. In recent years, the region has experienced growing attacks by militants. Things escalated last week, not the provincial. That's most in peaks. Minister of Defense Jamie Netto. He said militants disguised as civilians entered Muslim boy Laia. They murdered civilians and attacked the nearby port taking it over, according to local media. Martin is with the Institute for Security Studies in neighboring South Africa is extremely worrisome because what this signifies is that the government has lost control intense off its handing off the crisis. At the heart of the crisis is a group known as Al Rahmah. They've been attacking this part of northern Mozambique for years. The violence has displaced thousands of people's even forced some NGO offices to suspend services. But it's unclear what the group wants use. If Adam is a historian in Mozambique, he's been tracking the new group when they started. Basically, they were yout. They didn't work they sold in the markets. Adam says there are a number of factors contributing to the rise of the group. There's a lot of poverty and young people out of work. It's causing a lot of frustration, especially while there are big mining and natural gas projects in the area, making millions and profits projects that haven't improved the lives of locals they were expelled from the land of the many they were paid for the land was not what they were expecting and what they want. Adam says All of this has contributed to what has become an armed insurgency in the north with militants that are well armed. They get a lot of freaky meant and so on from book they robe from the army. There are also growing concerns about the group's international ties in one video, believed to be from earlier this year. Shows armed militants in cargo. Delgado dressed in army fatigues, Bandeira, They're holding a flag of the Islamic state. There are Isis affiliates in some parts of Africa, but it's unclear what that means for Mozambique. Major General Dagon. Anderson leads the U. S Special Operations Command Africa he recently spoke about he's concerns during a press conference. We're looking at assessing what's happening in northern Mozambique UPIN the cobbled Agata region, so we are concerned with it because we do believe that there is a local issue. There are local agreements that is now Being leveraged by Islamic state in particular general, Anderson said the extent of the Isis connection in northern Mozambique is still unclear. Marchionni we of the Institute for Security Studies says the insurgency should be considered an international problem. Fighters from neighboring countries have reportedly joined the group. The way it is going now it will become a regional crisis that will affect for their country's inside in Africa. Mozambique has tried to stem the insurgency with military forthe deploying soldiers and setting up roadblocks that hasn't worked so far. Plus, the security forces have been accused of human rights abuses, killing people thought to be members of the group or assisting them. It's become nearly impossible for researchers and journalist to even visit the caboodle Gotto province warns the government's approach could backfire. If we don't go in there to protect human rights. There's going to be a backlash. Any division. No matter how good he might be. There's going to be headed that flash and that backlash is what feeds the insurgent. He says. Museum Vic needs international support, especially from its neighbours. On Monday, the Southern African Development Community, which is the region's political body, said it would help Mozambique as it confronts the terrorism and violent attacks. But they didn't say when that help would come or what it would be for the world. I'm Halima Condi. Coming up on the show. After the break. It's the size of a mouse with a trunk that makes it a relative of the elephants. Scientist spotted for the first time in half a century. You're listening to the world. For parents who can't work because their kids are learning at home. Emergency unemployment benefits could help. But there are some questions. What exactly happens when schools are only opened for maybe half of the week? Can people still get their benefits or not? Risdon reading, writing and making sense of anything else? Next time on marketplace? Here. Marketplace this afternoon at four o'clock here on.

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