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I then moved in to networking um worked with a contentdistribution network who did a appear to pay a distribution network purity appear huh that's pretty good yeah yeah well that what they started out with initially walls providing bittorrent cash is to ifp so the ifp would have to pay for the upstream cost to the internet and cream instead just cash the win analysts dreams rights feeling hub bittorrent was ruined by people using it too much for piracy her bit where i think would have been a really fantastic for all sorts of web content delivery videostreaming so many things but you know since a god so associated with pirating mp threes in and videos it's kind of your black mark i don't know i think if it had been the right solution technically than it would have one eye on its own merit anyway uh i you know the legal fight of vat on thank was really the main influence wrote that necessarily well on the live really i get the reason why i thought i had i it's because i was that busy walking a company where walsh using bittorrent on walks trying to provide a hey how you do a cd and using h pit i don't know i long ago for me to give your answer about the i'm going to felt mile all right uh as he did that for a while was adam python or something else so i can't remember at what point things that didn't apply senate would either when i was working in speechrecognition on.

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