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Us updated. If you're on 50 or heading toward the eastern shore, be advised if you're eastbound over the severn river that right transition lane currently blocked, there's a disabled chuck. Help us on scene trying to tow it out of the way. They may get it done faster sooner than later. But thanks Cory for seeing that. If you're on your way to the eastern shore, nothing else much ahead all the way to why mills and three lanes east across the bay two to the west normal Saturday morning configuration. Baltimore, Washington Parkway, northbound, they had to retrieve a vehicle from an overnight crash so you're hitting the brakes near one 97 to get toward one 98 right lane was blocked. You're able to make the exit around the tow truck and crew, one crash on the beltway also in Maryland, the outer loop will slow from 6 50 New Hampshire avenue around the holy cross hospital just before George avenue, exit 31, stay to the left to get by, at least we have one right lane closed at least emergency equipment was on scene at last report. In Virginia major roads doing well, but we do have route 9 and loudoun county and Hamilton closed both directions between old stage place and Hamilton station road due to earlier crash. Listener checks in more report on lorton route one south at gunston cove road southbound follow police direction from gunston covey are able to go south on one. Big story to the district, jar Potomac crossings are all pretty jammed. You only have two right now, 66 to get to constitution and the 14th street bridge, but most of the roadways on the south side of the mall from Georgetown and The White House freeway all

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