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Dot com or download the out today ap radio news donna total disclose what happened to the white house today president trump said he talked to the family of auto worn beer the american student was imprisoned in north korea and was released last week but was in a coma auto warm beer died yesterday he should have been growth home a long time ago auto warriors funeral will be thursday in ohio senator john mccain says he is fearful for the american still being held in north korea sure absolutely grocer russia gribbon american hold them for us to have talks south korea says the us bluetooth supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula today in a show of force against north korea senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says there could be a vote next week on a health care overhaul revert so many distrust stories from constituents it's been hurt thankfully the shuttles soon after turn the page on the law minority leader chuck schumer says there isn't enough time to go over a very important bill he knows why republicans are so secretive they are ashamed of the bill they are writing if they were proud of the bill they denounce it better brass bands going down main street america saying look at our great bill there are rumblings of discontent by some conservatives over the healthcare bill forecasters say tropical storm cindy has formed in the gulf of mexico it is bearing down on the gulf coast bringing heavy rain to several states flooding is already reported on dolphin island south of mobile alabama of water dropping plane has crashed in portugal a major wildfire in portugal has killed at least sixty four people in closing arguments a lawyer for a man charged with killing a twoyearold girl whose body washed up on a boston harbor beach told jurors the girl's mother is a monster who killed their own daughter the girl was called baby doe as authorities tried to identify her her this is ap.

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