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Oh absolutely, if I didn't have a couple of twenty, two hundred, now, Honda's laying around the all into it, and I'm already invested. But yeah, I. Think it's fantastic. I'd love to get my hands on. Does the company have growth potential here rusty or are they going to be making inroads to all this fire lifestyle or what? I think. So I mean they came and talked to us about it. So Anthony and I both have won a lot of the barbecue guys why have one so I think it's crucial for it I. Mean. It'd be nice to see people having it out. You know 'cause I'm a kind of a hippy that way I like to see people going away from gas and things like that. So that's one good point of it, but I'm starting to see a lot of people getting them and using them in the barbecue world in the Lai fire world. So. Hopefully. They're Nice. How many amps? How many amps rusting? You know I don't know I'm not sure. Okay. Okay. Rusty. You said you powered your green. Mountain. Grow with it. Do you use the pizza oven insert with that too? No? Not Yet? I haven't. I have I have had my own pizza oven so I don't need it. Don't need. You don't need to breathe I mean Green Mountain, Grill and pizza of an insert or like hand in hand like food saver and barbecue. What are you doing? It cooks, chicken, and that's it just sits in the corner. Looks really pretty when it's time to cook some chicken, the yacht with A. Chicken. That's it. Man? No one nothing else goes in that grandma and but chicken. Well, let me tell you something. This is why competition barbecue continues to fail in this generation because. You have different cookers for different meats. You have a green mountain, grilled chicken cooker. You have a drum to cook this. You have something else to cook that by the way Doug that I have an answer for you on how many watts if you look at the screen here from the Anthony, Luhan. Five hundred watts bundling. So okay, that's not many amps. Okay. Five hundred watt. So it's a whatever amp calculator that it's four or five am. For him to tell you and a half you don't. Won't use that Green Mound, go for anything else. Well, I have other cookers for. So we discussed I hate clean. I hate moving and I hate cleaning man I'm not. I don't have to go cookout clean out a if I can get away with not doing a chicken cooker. Awesome nobody touches it, and that's why all right we're talking with the embedded correspondents right here. Doug, shining to my right on. Solberg. Down there at the bottom left. and New and audible. Rusty. Monson at the bottom right from Utah. Guys go ahead and hang out here just for a moment and all come right back. We'll talk about, Paul, Shoddy, we'll talk about. Promoter's sanctioning bodies, not even talk about the subway Rib Sando because we love Barbecue Sandoz here on this show. South side market is something else. We love anyone who loves sausage and Barbecue YOU'RE GONNA. WanNa, listen to this. First of all, they're established in eighteen, eighty two..

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