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I swam down dove in and gave him tacit moral support for that brought him back from the bring punch in the shoulder. There you go. Buddy. Yeah. That was interesting. I did light that final fight between them Shatra mumble be when they have the big thing. I really liked about that is I thought when that kicked off the all here we go. Here we go. Now, we're back to territory, and we won. I think that what you re one of the choreography was quite inventive. Did interesting things. Just wailing on each other. And also the fact that we kept cutting back to Charlie and seeing the action to a certain extent from her point of view. So you kind of human element to it. But it was grounded and stuff to getting quite bored of sort of metal metal action. That was that was really good decision. I felt definitely. Yeah. And again shatter was properly scary opponent at that point. She's a lot bigger than they she's a really formidable fighter. The first couple of punches. She lines in that fight or move swimmer. There. They looked devastating and I think that's really important because otherwise he'd be like, well, he's the guy above the titles. He's. Fine as but you actually kind of worry for him for a second. You're like how's it going to get out of this the other? You know, is is optimised going to have to turn up and save him. Like this a genuinely was wondering at that point. So I don't see how he beats her on his own which he didn't either he came up with something clever. Bubby good work to prime to turn up at the end save him as well. But would have kinda defeated the purpose movie watching his prime movie, the lovely in the Golden Gate Bridge is is great. Yeah. Yeah. It is good. Also, how does this fit into the timeline? Do you think? Well, I mean, we really care. No, try to slightly sidestep to this one as you notice in the interview. But basically, it's more or less the same cannon, but they had a little bit of wiggle room. I think so let's assume that they're all on earth right now they regroup and then at some point in thirty years in between they've gone off and had some other adventures. How do they launch themselves back in space? I don't know. But I'm sure they have as their transformers. They probably just take a junk yard worth of stuff and make spaceship out of it or something. Something. I mean, we know how they land. But this is the only time we've ever seen them take off and they had a special tower to do that presumably they must have other ways of doing the unless shatter and drop cake brought one with them to the moons of Saturn. Only some of you probably know the answer to this undergoing delus- me on Twitter with all these role about the NFL cubes. Right. But how okay, but don't tell me. Anyway, the point being they probably go out to other planet and then come back to this planet. Services for transformers. Isn't it? Especially what it is. I guess so it's the stopping point eight you stop here for a few minutes. You re fuel you grab yourself a kit, Kat, maybe a drink maybe visited bog, maybe don't it's up to you. Then do wanna be holding it for another two three hours service station. So I would have to go the toilet. Now, I really wanna kick. I really the toilet. Do you want to think James? I'm good Cornell chill. Good. I want to the Charlie relationship with Bumblebee as well. Because you're right. This is the first movie my saying that your rights to myself twenty minutes ago. You're right me for twenty minutes ago. This is the first movie, and but. As much as I like, the first and it's much as I thought at the time the shine Labus performances. Sign would Wikki was a breath of fresh air in terms of blockbusters, and that you had this kind of almost panicky realistic..

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