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Investigates why do crowds move you Join me dessa after the news Hello I'm Chris barrow with the BBC News The Ukrainian government has rejected a Russian demands to surrender the besieged southern city of mariupol the deputy prime minister irina Vera said there could be no question of soldiers laying down their arms Russia has offered to give fighters safe passage out of marijuana if they gave up their weapons along with civilians who wish to leave and adviser to the mayor of mariupol piotr and rushen co told the BBC Russia's promises could not be trusted We know there are situations with the Russian government when they say about humanitarian corridors they really force our way people for Russia So our CT is fight with Russia And we will fight for the last hour soldier I think because what we can we can just fight Senior international correspondent leads to set is in Kyiv This is the kind of defiance that we have seen in town and city after another both the effective resistance being put up by the military forces but also the resistance being put up by civilians in the towns which were first taken over by the Russians melito Paul herson the mayors refused to give up This threat that is being given to Mario pull now shows you what it means to serve a city into submission Russia has also continued its attacks on other Ukrainian cities The capital Kyiv was struck by several large explosions late on Sunday The city's mayor of vitali Klitschko said several houses and a shopping center were hit causing a large fire The United Nations refugee agency says that 10 million Ukrainians have now fled their homes because of the war almost a quarter of the population nearly three and a half million people have left the country a spokesman compared the scale of the crisis to that scene in Syria noting that the Syrian displacement happened over a longer period Jan egeland is the secretary general of the Norwegian refugee council Beginning to grasp the extent of this catastrophe in Europe I mean we have to go back to the Second World War to have anything comparable And I don't think even at that time you would see that more than 3 million people were displaced per week Three and a half weeks since this started and now 10 million people have had to flee their homes The deputy commander of Russia's Black Sea fleet captain Andre Pali has been killed in mariupol His death was confirmed by the governor of Sevastopol in Crimea which was annexed by Russia in 2014 He's the first high ranking Russian naval officer to be confirmed dead in Ukraine but other sources have reported the deaths of 5 Russian generals since the invasion in late February This is the world news from the BBC The former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has ended a two day visit to Mali without any agreement on a date for elections to return the country to civilian rule The military government in Mali which seized power in 2020 said it regretted the lack of compromise Mister Jonathan had sought to pin down a date for free elections having previously said an initially proposed 5 years was too long Officials in the United States say the Biden administration will officially declare the violence committed by the military in Myanmar against the Rohingya minority to be an act of genocide Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee Myanmar since the military crackdown that began in 2017 The United Nations delegation is beginning an assessment of the state of the world's largest coral reef off the western coast of Australia The UN last year recommended the Great Barrier Reef be added to the World Heritage committees in danger list Phil Mercer is in Sydney Australia is rejecting assertions that it's not doing enough saying the reef is the best managed reef in the world and it's working in collaboration with farmers with scientists conservationists and others to ensure its future well-being Essentially this UN monitoring team will be looking at macro threats That's the impact of climate change in warming temperatures and also micro threats more localized threats to the reef including industrialization pollution and overfishing Hundreds of mezcal farmers in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero have returned to their village for the first time in two years after being driven out by a powerful drug cartel Private security guards will be stationed at zhao kyo where the agave based alcohol is produced mezcal is a major export for Mexico And that's the latest BBC News As a musician tour is my favorite and least favorite part of the job You've got long drives gas station sandwiches shared hotel bathrooms But on the good nights you also get them Hundreds maybe even thousands of people collected into one room feeling the same way at the same time Sometimes you feel like an entertainer but sometimes it feels like a rally or like you're a church I'm not a religious or a spiritual person but that simultaneity of shared experience is a communion Everybody lit up by the music and by one another My name is desa the name of the podcast you're attending is deeply human and today we're asking why do crowds move you Let the show begin The first act on the bill is a master of crowd control And not too modest to tell you all about it Hi my name is cyber sounds I'm very famous in New York Cipher is a live DJ in a stand up comic and is like 1000% New York Listen I'm an expert name.

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