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As much as i am reluctant to sit back and say year ask of gaza some influence they do now let's go and start out by looking at the nominees for best picture in this year we have nine categories not nine nominees in his category for best picture just quickly commie by your name get out the post darkest hour lady bird the shape of water dunkirk bantam thread and three billboards outside ebbing missouri finally got the named all right no i was ready for the assists all the users on my wearable whether you billboards are at a mobile while you have found nowhere him every missouri and what we're gonna do for its we're going to try to go in and be positive about this at least that of if government can we talk about why the oscars manner and plus let's go through some of the other categories you're just real briefly real brief us where it will start will go down the line quickly for actor and leading role timothy chela may gary oldman daniek allure daniel day lewis and denzel that's four actor on a leading role we have actor in a supporting role you have wound to fo sam rock will richard jenkins woody harrelson christopher plummer let's go to actress in a leading role sally hawkins meryl streep margo roby fresh smack dormion sirtzi roman in a supporting role your actress czar allison janney mary j blige laurie metcalf leslie man bill and octavia spencer phnom malai go ahead and his name off just a couple of categories here and it will get some other was laid on on the line for directing another important major category crispin no dunker greta growing ladybird gilmore to toro the shape water join peel get out paul thomas anderson bent on three.

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