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Because people don't respect the foot of the ladder and they say I'm only going up three rungs it doesn't matter that I'm on a four legged ladder only two of the legs are touching the ground it becomes out wobbly table at the at the diner did you always move in you so I'm not getting here this table getting that stand up by itself so you have to be careful and then people use the rat latter wrong so make sure it's securely footed okay all four feet if it's a a frame letter or two feet if it's an extension ladder make sure if you're going up the side of the wall that you actually have the extension ladder extending be on the top of the parapet so as you approach the top of the ladder you can reach your hand on the backside of the parapet step over many many injuries by a short step ladder a short extension ladder the doesn't reach the top of the parapet and as you get to the next to the top rung and you reach over the parapet and used to roll your leg over that pair but like your mounting a saddle invariably that leg that's left on the latter kicks the latter off as you're swinging across so make sure in using an extension ladder you extend it a good two feet past the top of the parapet make sure you're a frame letters are seated firmly on all four feet and never never come down a ladder facing outwards that causes more accidents than anything you're stepping down you turn away from the ladder and use your heels to come down the rungs of the ladder it is a it is a almost guaranteed fast descent faster than you planned much more clubs using you planned and it will put you in the hospital so careful with ladders always face the front of the latter keep your hands on the latter and never assumed a ladder in a pair of flip flop sandals if you never ascended in a pair then you can never descend into a pair one of the most dangerous things you could possibly do one of the smartest thing you could ever do is get yourself to Sanderson forty are buying is on your to do this weekend gotta be today because Sanderson's never open on Sunday and you could be at Sanderson for you know let's just say you leave your house down it takes an hour to get there so you're done about here there about ten thirty you can be done about eleven and then from there you could be anywhere and Arizona you can have to snowball to ski they got nine to ensure you could be down to two songs you could go anywhere and a brand new Sanderson for but it's got to be today never open on Sunday man I've been a Ford man my whole life and I went and saw Ford versus Ferrari a the international the G. T. in sixty six and now I know why I have been a four man my whole life you can be too Sanderson Ford fifty First Avenue in Glendale south of fifty First Avenue it's actually Maryland backs up behind Grand Avenue Sanderson for the only place we buy our vehicles were celebrating a brand new year and Chuck with night air conditioning is here to give customers some advice about their air conditioning a truck what advice.

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