Mayweather Mcgregor, Allen Iverson, Vegas discussed on First Take - Time To Box: 6/15/17


What's up everybody thank you so much for being with us on this friday eve a we have big news folks in is on mayweather mcgregor set for august twenty six and i take will be there every step of the way said today we ask is this going to be a fight or just all hyped plus is connor have a chance to beat floyd and who does the public want to see lose more let's get started let's get right into it's coming up you don't wanna miss with stephen a has to say about katies hot tate on allen iverson that'll be coming up a little later the show but right now is going down august twenty six at the tmobile center in vegas between flynn mayweather and conor mcgregor it'll be mayweather's i quite since 2015 and this will be mcgregor's first professional boxing match ever but no surprise forty nine and no loyd is the heavy favorite max kellerman no better person to ask this to this conor mcgregor have a chance low those odds were not nearly wide enough not nearly wide enough no fighter has been able to beat floyd who who's been training since they were babies in boxing there you have no shot like note a couple of come kind of close but they've been training since they were babies conor mcgregor could be the most naturally gifted boxer who ever lived let's take for granted that he has more natural ability that sugar ray robinson or roy jones who both had more natural ability than floyd mayweather let's just take that as a given he would still have zero chance to beat floyd mayweather if they complete disrespect to the craft.

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