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On the level on the go now the gas pump is writing the pandemic. Cloudy and 34 degrees. Mostly cloudy tonight and tomorrow with some patchy fog clearing away after sunrise. I'm stand Lear. Here's what's trending it for all to an easier, wetter but higher gas prices in the spring and summer. That's what gas but he believes will happen this year at the gas pump on John Herrick for 2021. We are anticipating a yearly national average of 2 44 Gallon. Not typically, Indianapolis's below that gas, but he's head of Petroleum analysis. Patrick DeHaan says he's seen times working. Gas prices across Indiana have been higher than the national average. He believes prices will stay in the low to dollar a gallon range early this year, but then steadily go up as the year goes on, provided the situation with the coronavirus improves. Sean Herrick 93. W I. B C MOBILE NEWS Your state legislators air going to debate new limits on executive orders by governors prompted by Governor Eric Holcomb's handling of the pandemic. But not a criticism of it, says Senate president robbery. I think he's done a fantastic job of handling really, really difficult job over the last several months, But this is a way to try and Adapt those statutes to the experience that we've had over the last two months. Leaders of the General Assembly say the emergency powers law does not deal well with the crisis lasting as long as the pandemic has Here's your chance to start the winning the New year in a winning fashion. Madison McGill reports. The mega millions and Powerball jackpots are more than 400 million. I'm hoping I win today. That's why I brought him today. I was like maybe what? What's the Um, I'm gonna win if.

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