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Twenty six of the alchoholic live i on your host. Kevin knight joined by a full house of co host. This evening first. Of all eric robinson he is on twitter at underscore eric underscore robinson eric. How're you doing tonight. We'll you guys can't see right now. But i am. He promises that he is here. He's not just a disembodied voice shouting into the void. Yeah like most of our takes but yes. Thank you for kobe garrick. We appreciate you with us tonight on each at say which way on twitter auden. How are you doing tonight. i'm doing well. Did you guys see those rumors about marvin. Lewis potentially getting head coaching job. I did every time with this year outlook that would be perfect. That would be totally perfect. Maybe la who knows new york. The possibilities really are endless for marvin lewis. He would not be able to just one team specifically. Yeah i know what you mean toilets on it is probably going to go to cincinnati for being honest. The bengals just never quit him. There'd be like well. You know this. Zac taylor guy like you know. He's pretty good. But you know. I just can't we just can't really get into you know what i'm saying. Poor bengals for longest war megyn. The bengals have suffered through so much. I don't think he ever won one playoff game. No we fifteen years. But mike smith shout out early in the show tonight but guys. We're gonna be getting to also. Evan burchfield joining us tonight. At burkes on twitter varies to remember. Evan how are you doing well. Excellent excellent yeah. I know a of you specifically tyler rains have have come here. Taking time off their cyberpunk twenty tony pike. Twenty twenty seventy seven playing. So we appreciate you guys for free. You know delaying that. Or possibly you know multi screening. I don't. I don't judge if you're gonna multitask for us. I understand And everyone else. Welcome as well. We're going to get to the game a little bit. We're going to deliver some dirt cutter slander because there's been some other stuff that's come out this week basically confirming Stuff that we thought about the initial hiring of cutter but that was confirmed by a beat writer. Real trust and we'll get into that we'll get to some draft. Take some free agency. Discussion obviously will take your questions throughout the show. Feel free to throw those in there whenever you want. And in the meantime We will at some point. We'll get to this chargers game which are pretty sure. We'll cause a black hole to form because he's like the most teams in the league coming up against each other right like it's just i don't know what's going to happen Something bad is running out there right now. I'm putting it out there right now. We need to lose this game. Well if we lose this game. We'll we'll legitimately probably. Yeah and you know that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

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