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Is free. Talk live the segments of this saturday deitz program in the studio tonight. It is myself. The reverend captain kagins joining me because mountaineer and we're here seven nights a week from seven pm until ten pm eastern. Let's four until seven pacific and if you're in another time zone well you do the math. Figured out your big boy or girl or nondescript humanoid abacha helicopter If you're capable of math figured out reach for the magic rectangle in your pocket come to calling it. That i used to call it the glowing box people say what do you do for a living and i say i stare at the glowing box. Well i for one was trained from a very early age that i had to do the math of eastern time if they were going to announce a tv show were always going to say such and such time. Yeah central mountains is the real killer. And that's what. I had to calculate most of the time and out in. And if you're a mountain time in like i think it's arizona is where they don't change. Yeah and so that. Which which i am very very strongly in favor of Stop the daylight savings thing. I call it government saving. It's insane it wastes time energy and oh yeah human life every year. Let's continue on with our calls. We have david new mexico david. You're on free. Talk live since we're still a government of the people by the before the people. I'm going to open another formal session of government now and First of all. I wanted to say that That caller chris from albuquerque. He just got off the radio earlier today on the local station. And he with the same. Same Presentation there is here and the european sounding gay. Chris you just need to go. You need to go back to europe. America was founded on freedom. And what you're suggesting is not freedom. It's not compatible. It is compatible over in germany and france. Go back leave us alone. And and so. And i and people like chris. He presents plenty of material to debate and to make points with however they're not worth even debating anymore. Just go away. We've already discussed all of that Over and over again. Moving forward In our session of government here the state of new mexico and the second Well the metro court the bernalillo county district attorney row will tour as has prosecuted for five years and recently over the last six months They had four different charges. Row will your assistant d. as or whoever made the decision have surrendered to me. I have taken your conditional surrender four different times on the four different charges. You lost loser. Okay however In this formal session of government raul torres. I would like to invite you. Ask you request of you. Challenge you and dare you since you have a few more weeks of time for with which you can still prosecute me you can. You can Motion to reopen the cases and withdraw your motion for dismissal And fighting again and since you have a few more weeks to do that. I will challenge you to do that. Row all because it was fun fighting you for these five years and the tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money state of new mexico casper taxpayer money that you wasted raoul and since you're going to probably try to run for governor at some point in the future the tax payers would like you to finish what you started with their tens of thousands of dollars trying to put me in prison So please row will take me up on that offer. You know david if you end row were both heavy libertarians. Or even anarchists. We could host a duel between the two of you at this year's fork fest a match if a boxing. I'd love to see well now. The ball is in roles. Court normally is just call in and please accept this challenge. Yeah we well guaranteed row. A- will hear about it. That's the way it works in new mexico route. I have called him out then. I'm challenging man card right any further thoughts david. No but that's really cool idea i would. I would actually make the trip to new hampshire to do a lawful sanctioned mma or boxing or whatever rao will chooses word. We'll write that down on the calendar in parentheses as a tentative thing will pencil it in and let you know if robocalls thanks for the call tonight david. He may be the first judge to lose a boxing match in absentia. I load up on. I four fast. You know. I think that would be a fantastic idea. David from new mexico and raoul this status guy right to the ring right. Settle the differences. That'd be great you know That is certainly a voluntary form of dispute resolution and they agree to whoever wins the match. You win x ray. This is all written out. Beforehand to contract is a very honest way to do it because as a judge you obviously believe that violence is the way to solve these problems and threats of violence. You know you know step up. Yeah you know if you wanna do violence to two people in order to get your way. Well do it yourself. Yeah and that's the problem that i have with well. All politicians really is because they're getting somebody else to do the dirty work for Whether it's sending people to go bomb brown children and faraway countries or you know hiring regular people to lay a flat thing. That vehicles could roll upon right. But i they take a giant cut for themselves after forcibly extracting the money from people they take a big cut for themselves and then they hire regular people to build these structures for them they. They don't actually do anything. And somehow they reap the rewards from doing anything and i. I'm not down with that at all. Yeah and since you mentioned build the roads i'm gonna. I'm gonna put this out here again. And i won't be the last time but you know everyone out there like you. You've seen potholes okay. Which has more potholes the parking lot or the road there to tell you my experience. It is always the road. That has more potholes than the parking lot at least me driving around town here in keene new hampshire certainly the road i can tell you verifiably in the seattle washington area it's definitely the government roads unquote that have the most damage in are the most frail and are the most in need of repair versus the parking lots or the private roads do exist. How many years we've been talking about are crumbling infrastructure. Oh yeah okay. No one's going to do anything about it. No one has done anything about it. So yeah this is why because there's.

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