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Painter's business is independently owned and operated 1128 Traffic and weather on the aids let's go to read a Kessler in the WTO P traffic center We're still seeing delays in Maryland on westbound 50 trying to head to the 7 river bridge that westbound delay is after cape saint Clair headed onto the southern river bridge the left side is blocked with the crash but at times they do have to temporarily stop things if you find yourself not moving This also is affected southbound two crawling out of Arnold trying to make your way onto westbound 50 as well Now on the beltway it is the out over the beltway brief delays approaching and passing saint part of his road all the crash activity according to colors is on the left shoulder Northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway heavy out of green belt to powder mill road with nothing reported inner loop top side still a little slow headed toward Connecticut avenue There was emergency work on the right side out of the slows approaching the merge with the two 70 spur then from river road off and on headed across the American legion bridge to Georgetown pike This is the work on the left side in the district northbound north capitol street after New York avenue left lane gets by the work Northbound 17th street in northwest is still closed between Pennsylvania avenue and H street for the long-term utility work Back in Maryland southbound New Hampshire near mets are out road emergency work on the right side two O two a bright seat road was a report of a crash and southbound two ten after the beltway watch for the delay The left side gets by the work If you're in Virginia on 95 southbound slows headed past the past the fairfax county Parkway This is the work zone set up in the right lane Northbound George Washington and Parkway near spout run the left lane gets by the work and northbound 28 crawling toward Compton in ordway where the right lane is blocked with the cones This traffic reports sponsored by eagle bank clearing the road for you and your business to soar higher Learn more at eagle bank corps dot com member FDIC I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic The forecast from Mike stennis partly to mostly sunny this afternoon warmer and more humid high slow to mid 80s Overnight partner classic loads up for 50s to mid 60s partly cloudy and hot on fatty with a high near 90 Partly cloudy skies.

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