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You know and if you can't and if you don't have to you probably should have human interaction required for any of these plus just liability you know nice thing about credit cards is that unless somebody can produce a sign slip from you you can decline it right and even if they do if they didn't deliver the goods you expected you can protest it like some things have consumer protections just be aware what it is yep that's right i guess that's what we're saying here so who's talking to us richard grabbed a comment of show fifteen thirty seven which we recorded only back in april the twenty eight team with laurel bin yang talking about zaman you know we're going to do a little zamel cross platform conversation i thought it would only be appropriate to to dig into some of that stuff and this particular comment comes from day wit okay who said column richard am i corrected thinking that for cross platform development from the ib point of view it becomes easier with apple abandoning the power pc architecture in favor of intel chips and wouldn't apple planning to use his own chips in max going forward in twenty twenty replacing intel does that mean a step back for cross platform mac and wind developers now i think it's important this great question yeah it's important to realize a met mac win away from power pc a long time ago right was more and more ten years ago and because intel had excel arated so far down the performance line that the powerpc motorola couldn't keep up with with those kinds of performance just to get refunds machine they were pretty much stuck with intel apple has recently announced is they're going to start using their custom versions of armed chips the ones they use in their iphones and their ipads in pc like infrastructure in mac like machines.

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