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Excuse me. He can't even form a sentence. No I'm pretty sure. He peed his pants. People talk about how Melanie Gabe in particular talked about how charismatic he was, and how he was so great at speaking, and I'm just like he's the reason for birth control. Lady Ladies. If you ever needed one here it as. Okay also I want to stay at that. He literally something off of like Oh i. have very Iraq, tile dysfunction This is crazy to me like I knew. Expect somebody as pretty as Laurie to get with. Reminds me of the little things from the Museum X. Commercials like the Germs, or whatever Oh no, no dry is. So to check that out. Yes, please. I think it's the only one not the actually existing on the Internet now it is, we were lucky to have a source drop that video to us and no cease and desist from preparing people yet, so as I said this is just going to be an overview of Chad in Chad's life I know a lot of people are just familiar with Chad current day bright as far as an author, and has cult stuff and a lot of you. You may not know a lot of back history on them, so we're just GONNA. Go down the rabbit hole here and go through the portal, so let's go through the Portal Chad Guy, debacle of course. His middle name is guy was born in nineteen, sixty eight in Provo UTAH to Jock in Sheila Chestnut debacle. He's the oldest of five children, so he has four siblings, and they would be Paul Matt brought and Becky. Oh my God. Could you get any more simplistic with names, right? Appalled Matt Broad and Baqi His dad serve in the navy during the Vietnam War, and so they lived in San Diego for a couple years before returning to Utah now a lot of Chad debacle. As an author, he writes primarily. He's called in. Today's in today's author near Death Experience Author. He claims that in nineteen eighty five. When he was seventeen years old, he had a near death experience while cliff jumping and he claims to have quote crossed into another dimension and realize. Realize that there was a world beyond this one. It's unfortunate that he never followed through with that plan. He graduated from high. School, in Springville, UTAH. He was an honor roll student, and he was actually nominated as a teenager of the month his senior year now up on his high school graduation you as a member of the LDS church. He was expected to do his mission, so some missionaries go to Ukraine. Some missionaries go to Mexico South America Chatwin to Moorestown, new, Jersey. To touch people's lives Chad? You traveled so far. So He became a Spanish speaking missionary. He didn't even speak Spanish, but he ended up nonetheless, entering the Missionary Training Center on July Fifteenth Nineteen, eighty-seven Mormon bootcamp yet Mormon boot camp on his website CD abell dot com..

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