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A new abc news washington post poll is bad news for the trump administration abc's david right reports from new jersey the president's clearly enjoying himself fear hosting some of the top women golfers in the world that is bedminster club but this new ab see news washington post poll shows that at is sixmonth mark trump is sub par while the bright side for trump the americans have a terrible opinion of the democrats to the poll shows only one in three americans feel the president is making progress toward his administration's goals rockies lose ninety three new york they've dropped fifteen of their last twenty games although a little perspective may be in order the cubs finished last season with the best record in baseball with one hundred three wins and the cubs also dropped fifteen of twenty at one point last year which means of course it's a long baseball season our next update at ten david kale koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm sunday morning greatlooking day integrate looking around the city right now i 25 though we do have a reporter crash northbound near thornton part we're not causing any delays another crash has been reported eastbound i 70 near arlon but no delays there either so really the drugs looking pretty good sixth avenue we did have a report of a young man on a skateboard skateboarding eastbound on six th avenue near indiana hopefully he's long gone from there by now the rusher dr looking very good no problems between here and the eisenhower tunnel and our seventy cbs 4 weather sunny in the morning turning cloudy this afternoon so with a chance for some thunderstorms are expected near eighty six it's 71 in denver right now this report is brought to you by.

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