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Favored labor reds besides viral content. What else what else consumer of yours. Because you are so funny. And so sweet and i feel like we just need more of you. Thank you I am currently trying to transition into doing social media for nonprofit organizations And i kind of done some work for a couple of nonprofit groups of massachusetts trying to push public education stuff Because i love. I love social media. I love making my own goofy content. But i can't imagine making that content four like big companies like i'd rather try to figure out a way to like work for nonprofits like a message like this talk is brought to you by xandra so I really do all my just for fun indoors for myself and actually do a a tiktok round out where this instagram account created but does tiktok compilations weekly and all my friend. Don't want to download tiktok. That means your service. We need a lot of people are really like a lot of the contract. That comes out to dr like you pull on. That's so perfect. Because yeah same with me. I will watch compilations on youtube of talks. That are funny. Because i know somebody who like you. Trust your sense of humor. You've done the work of finding the best ones. So yeah i mean you can search for that time and get me like the reader's digest could take out thank you. Thank you for saving me time. Because every time that i go on to talk i'm mmediately go off and delete because i i can't it's a new medium. It's not it's no longer new. I'm just old right. And if i see four or five if i like past four or five that i'm like oh these weren't really good. I'm like okay. Well then that's plenty honestly really ning deal. Okay let's take a quick break and then we'll come back and talk about the okay cool.

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